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Main Category:
Artists: Countries: Hungary
The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

Alphabetized Resources in this category:

  • Abajkovics, Peter
    Personal page. Art, visual and sound poetry. -- Szombathely, Hungary
  • Ambrus, Sándor
    I'm sculptor from Hungary -- Csikóstőttős, Hungary
  • András, Sebestyén
    My painting can be classified in the styles realism and surrealism. My favourite topics are landscapes and extraordinary themes. I painted more than four-hundred pictures, which are mainly in private ownership. Many of them are now in property of ... -- Székesfehérvár, Hungary
  • Bajic, Ivan
    innovative digital photography -- Pecs, Hungary
  • Balogh, Adam
    Dear friends, I am glad to inform you that the construction of my website has been finished. I would like to share with you my dreams and experiences that followed me on my journey so they had an influence on ... -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Benforado, David
    My paintings are undermined by a slow thinking process, but the execution is done with rapid explosive movements reminiscent of action painting. These can be moments of joy, pain, indefinable and quite complex. In spontaneity, like free jazz improvisation, the ... -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Demeter, Balla
    BALLA Demeter is an art photographer. You can find his portraits, nudes, still-lifes and you can order his works. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Duliskovich, Bazil
    Contemporary Hunagian painter living in Budapest. Mostly oil paintings often mixed with drawing and other techniques. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Erdody,
    This is the home of Jozsef Attila Erdody, hungarian painter and media artist. Born in Nagyvarad / Oradea (Romania). Living and working in Budapest (Hungary). Interested in painting, media, colour theories and other art related things. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Faix, Dora
    Handpainted, handmade artistic tile murals, installations for distinctive interiors. Comissions welcome. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Fehervari, Zoltan
    oil painting, paints, landscape, romantic landscape, high quality, cheap price -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Gyarmati, Zsolt
    Paintings of Zsolt Gyarmati young hungarian artist -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Hajnal, Endre
    Endre HAJNAL is a painter of nature to the manner born, in the way the great impressionism predecessors pursued this gen. He speaks of the message of reeds, of sunrays reflected by lake Balaton. He tells us about the dazziling ... -- Tatabanya, Hungary
  • Hornyik, Zoltan
    Love for Nature, its perpetual change is a constant inspiration for the artist. He transmits his impressions on to the observer using the language of art as poetry of the land. He is also attracted by the world of the ... -- Debrecen, Hungary
  • Istvan Cene gal
    surreal, and visual artist -- cered, Hungary
  • Jász Suba, Gábor
    art gallery, contemporary Hungarian art, painting, graphic, sculpture, exhibition the young artist Jász Suba Gábor, oil, graphics, picture, acryl -- Budapest, Hungary
  • kaposi, tamas
    ___________________ Hungaryan Painter Paintigs and Photos -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Kertesz, Susanna
    Online gallery of Susanna Kertesz hungarian artist.Oil and pastel figurative paintings in mostly jewish themes and portraits -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Kubolane, Ildiko Horvath
    Original stained glass creations of windows lamp, and panels. -- Keszthely, Hungary
  • Lara, Szabo
    My name is Lara Agnes Szabo, a professional harpist from Hungary. My area is: pop, classical or anything else you may require. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Lenkey-Tóth, Peter
    the newest paintings -- Miskolc, Hungary
  • Loss, Andrea
    paintings and drawings by andrea loss -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Matyasi, Gabor
    My Visual dreams. Surrealistic, absurd, funny photographs. Usually living objects, portres, human body. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Morvay, László
    The Association of Hungaryan Enamel Artist, founded in 1997,has elected me president. In 1999,my 24 squaere metres enamel picture of King Saint Steven I. was unvailed on the front walls of the Major's Office at Héviz. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Neogrády, Antal
    Personal homepage of Antal Neogrady jr. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • othman, ahmed
    Here you can found some pictures of my paintings, which have been a subject of an Exhibition in Hungary, Szazhalombatta. -- Szazhalombatta, Hungary
  • Pawinski, Peter
    Budapest-based editorial, corporate and fine arts photographer with 7 years' industry experience. I offer professional services with quick turnaround. -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Pit, Zoe
    This is a site with my artworks-drawings, paintings, computergraphics. You can also read about me-my exhibitions, etc. There are also pics of me, 'cause i like to present myself as some kinda artwork(with crazy hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, ... -- Veszprém, Hungary
  • Ruszkai, Gabor
    The collected works of a Hungarian-Canadian graphic artist, who is interested in several different branches of the graphic arts, amongst them cartoons, illustrations, comic strips, illos of old buildings, abstract bug-collections, ancient space-stations, murals as well as ... -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Sepsi, István
    graphics, paintings, watercolors, drawings, crayon pictures, pastel pictures -- Vértesacsa, Hungary

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy O'keeffe, Georgia: Oriental Poppies, 1928 for $17
    Georgia O'keeffe
    Oriental Poppies, 1928
    Our Supplier's Price: $17.00

    Click here to buy Gauguin, Paul: Three Tahitian Women (Detail) for $12
    Paul Gauguin
    Three Tahitian Women (Detail)
    Our Supplier's Price: $12.00

    Click here to buy Kandinsky, Wassily: Komposition Mit Schachbrettstreifen 1922 for $16
    Wassily Kandinsky
    Komposition Mit Schachbrettstreifen 1922
    Our Supplier's Price: $16.00

    Click here to buy Rockwell, Norman: Before the Shot for $13
    Norman Rockwell
    Before the Shot
    Our Supplier's Price: $13.00

    Click here to buy Klimt, Gustav: Birch Wood 1903 for $17
    Gustav Klimt
    Birch Wood 1903
    Our Supplier's Price: $17.00

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