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Artists: Fiber: Embroidery
The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

Alphabetized Resources in this category:

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  • Griffin, Gregg
    Gregg Griffin original painting pop folk outsider art new work 2003 in artin america 1993 and juxtapoz 2003 lowbrow and high art -- Oklahoma City,OK, USA
  • Grigore, Celina
    one-of-a-kind large-scale handwoven tapestries tapestry fiber art original design textiles weaving wall-hanging decorative decoration interior design haute-lisse technique high-warp wool pen and ink drawing acrylic painting Celina Grigore Romania Denver United States semi-... -- Denver,CO, USA
  • Guindon, Jocelyn
    Rug Hooking Fiber Artist active for the past 10 years in Montreal. I have produced hooked works representing landscape, stainglass, primitive, folk art and oriental rugs. I have started the 'Tapissiers de Saint-Henri / Saint-Henri Rug Hookers', a non-... -- Montreal, Canada
  • Harker, Charles
    Visual artist based in New York City and Mexico. Landscapes of the imagination. Stylistically a blend of modern and folk approaches. Possibly Comparable to Outsider artwork. Generally small, acrylic works on paper. -- New York,NY, USA
  • Harker, Charles
    Artist living in NW Mexico and SW United States. Outsider, Contemporary style. Colorful, folk colors. Oil Pastels, Acrylics of imagined landscapes and figures. -- Phoenix,AZ, USA
  • Hausler, Laurel Helen
    New Orleans type folk art, visionary art, oil paintings, custom design, the art of Laurel Helen Hausler. -- Alexandria,VA, USA
  • Hawks, Carrie
    Tigerpixie Art Studio Vivid Cat Paintings. Watercolor, ink, colored pencil and acrylic originals and fine art prints. Detailed colorful illustrations, portraits and miniature works of art featuring felines. Paintings in all styles, pop, folk, fantasy, traditional and more. -- Pensacola,FL, USA
  • Hill, Skip
    Online Portfolio featuring the diverse works of the painter SKIP HILL. Skip Hill works with acrylics and oils in several distinct series, allowing him to explore his varied interests and inner expressions. Each style nonetheless reveals the touch of his ... -- Oklahoma City,OK, USA
  • Hinkle, Holly
    I am a self-taught artist, I consider myself an outsider folk artist. Mainly because I see my work fitting that style more than any other. I paint with acrylics and oils, on masonite, found objects , wood and canvas when ... -- Dry Fork,WV, USA
  • Holocher, Lynn
    Folk art and landscape paintings of barns and country settings by outsider artist Lynn Holocher. Acrylic paint on wood, roofing slate and canvas. -- Port Jervis,NY, USA
  • Hornyik, Zoltan
    Love for Nature, its perpetual change is a constant inspiration for the artist. He transmits his impressions on to the observer using the language of art as poetry of the land. He is also attracted by the world of the ... -- Debrecen, Hungary
  • Ivanova (Pitrek), Ivanka
    Page of the bulgarian folkssinger Ivanka Ivanova.She sings bulgarian, balkan and gipsy songs to every music style, from folk to Techno music. The page has free world- and Ethno music downloads of her and the Schд l Sick ... -- Cologne in Germany,WA, USA
  • Johnson, Howard-David
    Realistic Art featuring myth, history & folklore in Colored Pencils, digital media, Acrylics, oils & mixed media with essays on realistic painting -- Austin,TX, USA
  • Kambourov, Sasho
    THE WORLD OF THE PAINT MAGIC The artist's painting is directed to the fantastic mythfolklore world of the Bulgarians, the eternal male and female beginning and the fight between evil and human spirit. -- Pleven, Bulgaria
  • Kania, Beata
    Beata Kania, illustrations, illustrator, colored pencil, ink, color, people, groups, movement, dynamic, folk, nature, birds, woman, women, celebration, party, gardens, roses, flowers, sky, trees, castles, feast, conversation, get together, flying, wings, bats, costume, victorian, dresses, willow, water, rehearsal, fairies, nudes, ... -- chicago,IL, USA
  • Kessel, David
    These are folk-style art pieces about the Web and other computer-related topics. Marketing help is sought by the artist. -- Palm Springs,CA, USA
  • Kirwin, dm
    Underground painter D.M. Kirwin known for detailed maze art style. He falls in contemporary selftaught to suburban folkart. This new site is a online viewing of new work as it is made. contact artist dmkirwin@yahoo.com -- Athens,GA, USA
  • Kitty, Miss
    Authentic Vodou (voodoo) art. Museum quality primitive folk art. -- Portland,OR, USA
  • Kohn, Merry
    Merry Kohn, Kohn, Merry, Americana art, Americana folk art, folk artist, folk art, Primitive Americana artists, Naif art, Americana fine art, gallery, Mary, Kahn, Cohn, Cohen, Americana, primitive, folk, art, Americana, art, galleries, artist, on-line, transparencies, reproductions, acrylic paintings, ... -- Monterey,CA, USA
  • Kruse, Chris
    I'm a multimedia artist in traditional and digital applications. I graduated in 2000 from the University of North Texas with a BA in Art and minor in Radio TV and Film. I work in a variety of media types ... -- Dallas,TX, USA
  • LaVallee, Roland, Crowtracks
    The CROWTRACKS Gallery offers the public a unique selection of woodcarvings produced by Eastport, Maine artist Roland LaVallee Subjects include Birds ,folk art, driftwood sculpture, -- Eastport,ME, USA
  • lavon, jessie
    southern folkart paintings of alabama life, birdhouses, angels, fish, crosstitch patterns and a recipe book called southernaccents recipes and remembrences.style of painting created by jessie lavon -- demopolis,AL, USA
  • Lee, Hwee-Eng
    The website provides information on Chinese dances performed by the Atlanta Chinese Dance Company (ACDC). The ACDC is a non-profit dance company which promote the development, advancement and Chinese classical dance and chinese folk dance. Chinese Classical and Folk ... -- Atlanta,GA, USA
  • Lee, Hwee-Eng
    The website provides information on Chinese dances performed by the Atlanta Chinese Dance Company (ACDC). The ACDC is a non-profit dance company which promote the development, advancement and Chinese classical dance and chinese folk dance. Chinese Classical and Folk ... -- Atlanta,GA, USA
  • Leslie, Paul
    Acrylic and mixed media art for sale online from the studio of Paul Leslie. Spiritual, metaphysical, new age, folk. -- Calgary, Canada
  • Lethom
    American folk artist lethom offers fun, whimsical, child like folk art originals & prints for sale. Seattle is his home. His art's home is your home. -- Seattle,WA, USA
  • Levy, Stephanie
    an american artist living and working in germany displays a selection of her paintings. The style of naive, folk artists is a strong source of inspiration for her art. She is attracted to the imaginative playfulness and direct simplicity of ... -- Philadelphia (www.shopart.com),PA, USA
  • Lopez Armando
    Promotes the work of New Mexico Folkartist, Armando Lopez. View his organic-media altars,retablos,Santos,and angels in the gallery or click on links to even larger photos. To purchase, contact the artist via e-mail link. Soon to ... -- Abiquiu,NM, USA
  • Lucas, Charlie
    TIN MAN, Charlie Lucas is a self-taught artist with an international reputation. He has been called an outsider artist, a folk artist, a visionary artist and a found object artist. He may be all of these things but if ... -- Selma,AL, USA
  • Maloney, Sheila
    Detailed information on the artist and pictures of her naive, primitive, folk art narrative paintings in enamel paint depicting a special perspective worked through her Irish Canadian heritage. They show town and country with love and humor in bright and ... -- Zephyr, Canada

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Henri Matisse
    Gold Fish
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    Vincent van Gogh
    Nuit Etoilee a St Remy
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    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Bather with Long Hair
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    Georgia O'keeffe
    Yellow Cactus
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    Gustav Klimt
    Le Baiser 1908
    Our Supplier's Price: $14.00

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