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Artists: Painting: Subject Matter: Fantasy
The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

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  • Rhyner, Martine
    This site presents surrealistic art paintings and graphic works from Martine Rhyner: galerien, gallery, galleries, ausstellung, exhibitions, kunst, art, artistic, künstler, artists, gemälde, paintings, bilder, pictures, malerei, malen, zeichnungen, drawings, surrealismus, surrealism, surrealistisch, surrealistic, surrealstische kunst, imaginations, imaginä... -- Basel / Liestal, Switzerland
  • Romano, Bianca Maria
    Art doesen't have to propose the visible but make it visible (Paul Klee) Virtual gallery of italian contemporary artist Bianca Maria Romano. Preferred techniques: oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, conte'. Main subjects (deeply rooted in the artist's ... -- Ascoli Piceno, Italy
  • Rosario, Teri
    Myth, Magick & Mystery .. features the New Age Art of internationally known artist Teri Rosario. Ms. Rosario's original fantasy & spiritual, oil paintings can now be purchased in Fine Art print format. -- Omaha,NE, USA
  • Schofield, Angela B
    Angela does paintings and illustrative works which are largely imaginative and figurative, often with an element of fantasy and symbolism. She works in various media including oils, gouache, watercolour and inks. Commissions welcome. -- Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Schow, Ryan
    Ryan Schow has been working as a professional studio-artist in the Pacific Northwest for 11 years. His work in Mixed Media has been displayed in several premiere galleries in Ashland, OR. His projects include landscape paintings in acrylics, airbrush ... -- Ashland,OR, USA
    pencil and paints wildlife art, fantasy art and photography -- Manteno,IL, USA
  • Seaward, Tim
    Original drawings and paintings of surrealism art work, mystical mythical art, and fantasy artwork images -- Stourbridge, United Kingdom
  • Seifert, Brita
    Every 2 month I´ll present new pictures: surreal landscapes, painted dreams, space art, fantasy art -- Berlin, Germany
  • Sentel, Henk
    Henk Sentel, fantastic surrealist An often-favored definition of Magic Realism is, “a representation that in theory is possible, though practically speaking, unlikely.” This is a broad interpretation, especially considering that these days there are far fewer cases in which “... -- Heemskerk, Netherlands
  • Shanoudy, Zareef
    My paintings stem from an internal process with the interplay of conscious thought, aesthetic sense, intuition, and spontaneity. I have been centered on the relationship between nature and myself, ranging from realistic to abstract. The focus of my work is ... -- Natick,MA, USA
  • Siwek, Stephanie
    Visionary fine artist. Online gallery of haunting visionary carnivalesque surreal art - gothic art, fantasy art, dark art, burlesque digital art, drawings, digital photography, landscapes, sketches, life drawings, portraits, oil paintings, collages, mystical art. Using mixed media including pastels, sugar, paper, ... -- Stockbridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Szigeti Edit
    Surrealistic paintings fantasy paintings Erotic paintings Technic: Oil on canvas or oil on wood -- Budapest, Hungary
  • Sørensen, Annette
    My name is Annette Sørensen, 39 years old, born in Denmark/Nyborg. Since I was a little girl, about 6-7 years old, I have drawed & painted mostly all the time. Always IT have fascinated me VERY MUCH, because ... -- Denmark, Denmark
  • Taylor, Geoff
    Geoff Taylor fantasy and wildlife artist, site includes Galleries of cover art created for fantasy authors such as David and Leigh Eddings, Katharine Kerr, Jean M Auel, Games Workshop artist for Warhammer, original artwork for sale and to view, fine ... -- Arnside,Cumbria, United Kingdom
  • Thompson, Kathleen A.
    Sculptor of Stone Sculpture, Painter of Fine Art Paintings in Watercolor. Realistic subjects from nature, the human form, animals, fish with Fantasy and Mythological creatures. Mermaid, Medusa, Gargoyle. Sculptures are animated to rotate, Paintings enlarge for easy viewing. A wondrous ... -- Cranford,NJ, USA
  • Titlebaum, Richard
    classical painting, Jewish painting, fantasy art, gay art, painting and literature, drawings, mystical art, art criticism -- Ann Arbor,MI, USA
  • Titlebaum, Richard
    classical painting, Jewish painting, fantasy art, gay art, painting and literature, drawings, mystical art, art criticism -- Ann Arbor,MI, USA
  • Tyler, B. W.
    Oil and Acyrlic Paintings.Landscapes, Erotic, FantasyArt, ArtNouveau, Musicians, ComputerArt, Prints, and Gifts.All works produced by artist, and for sale. Commissions welcome. -- Luton, United Kingdom
  • Van Camp, Wendy
    Original Limited Edition Art Prints by Indigoskye. Wendy Van Camp's digital paintings feature Fantasy, Floral, and Bonsai themes and Portraits. -- Yorba Linda,CA, USA
  • Van Hook, Jake
    A selection of science fiction, fantasy and fine art by self-taught Tallahassee, Florida artist Jake Van Hook. Featuring paintings, drawings, digital art & comic sections. -- Tallahassee,FL, USA
  • Vereshchagina, Inga
    Original artwork & prints by Inga Vereshchagina, re-known Russian fine artist. See paintings, graphics, drawings, abstract, erotic, fantasy art and murals. Inga excels in a diversity of mediums and styles. -- Smithville,MO, USA
  • Vetlugin, Rudolf
    Unique paintings of a russian artist Rudolf Vetlugin, who is famous for his People-Trees art that is both fantasy & environmental.Originals & limited edition prints.Also, murals, frescoes, icons, watercolors. -- Chatsworth,CA, USA
  • white, mark
    Abstract art, folk art, gold gilt paintings, abstract, folk, painting, oils, oil, acrylic, fantasy, mark s white, mark white. -- Thornville,OH, USA
  • Whitefeather, Ashley
    I am a portrait artist. My medium is acrylic. I specialize mainly in portraiture and also use the theme of portraiture in fantasy composition. I prefer painting the ordinary person as I feel every face is beautiful and too many ... -- San Diego,CA, USA
  • Williams, Heidi and Romano, Steve
    artists specializing in airbrush paintings of original fantasy art and portrait services in the following media: pencil drawings (either B&W or color), pastel drawings, free-hand computer drawings, and acrylic paintings -- Valencia,CA, USA
  • Wittl, Markus
    Dark Fantasy and Morbid Surrealism. An Exhibition of Digital Paintings and Coverart. -- Castra Regina,, USA
  • Wittl, Markus
    Dark Fantasy and Morbid Surrealism. An Exhibition of Digital Paintings and Coverart. -- Regensburg, Germany
  • Wittl, Markus
    Dark Fantasy and Morbid Surrealism. An Exhibition of Digital Paintings and Coverart. -- Regensburg, Germany
  • Wollard, Robert
    New fantasy photographs of the Faerie World - a re-envisioning of Victorian fairy painting revealed in the never before seen color and detail of Luminage (Lightjet 5000) photogrphic imaging. -- Napa,CA, USA
  • Wright, Mick
    Airbrushed murals and fine art, pictorials for the sign industry, graphic design and paintings, that include portraits of people, animals and automotive, also fantasy art and photorealistic art of any subject. -- Perth, Australia

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Cinquenta..tigre Real for $31
    Salvador Dali
    Cinquenta..tigre Real
    Our Supplier's Price: $31.00

    Click here to buy Monet, Claude: Les Tuilleries for $5
    Claude Monet
    Les Tuilleries
    Our Supplier's Price: $5.00

    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1936-37 for $16
    Salvador Dali
    Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1936-37
    Our Supplier's Price: $16.00

    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Madonna of Port Lligat for $8
    Salvador Dali
    Madonna of Port Lligat
    Our Supplier's Price: $8.00

    Click here to buy Monet, Claude: Impression Sunrise for $10
    Claude Monet
    Impression Sunrise
    Our Supplier's Price: $10.00

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