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Main Category:
Artists: Paper Mache
The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

Alphabetized Resources in this category:

  • Abbott, Chris
    Pulpt: New Zealand eco-art from Chris Abbott. Contemporary New Zealand environmental artist. Unique sculptures produced by molding papier mache (paper pulp) into unique artforms with a distinctive New Zealand theme. -- Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Burruss, Keith
    Life-size paper mache and mixed media sculptures, dolls and puppets of fantasy characters with a macabre edge -- Atlanta,GA, USA
  • Cassidy, Tom
    Outsider, visionary, folk art in acrylics and paper mache. Influenced by southern traditions and culture. -- Fletcher,NC, USA
  • Cooper, Les
    This is my work with the media of paper mache' and leather. I believe many exciting possibilities exist with this medium. I derive my main inspiration from wildlife. -- St. Paul,MN, USA
  • Doyle, Melanie
    Individualy crafted paper mache holiday decorations. Dickens' style carolers, Santas, Angels. -- Parma,OH, USA
  • duran, brian
    sculptural paintings would best describe my most recent work. i use 100% recycled paper in my multi-layered papier-mache process; this provides a very light-weight, yet hard as rock finish. the pieces may be installed vertically or horizontally. -- columbus,OH, USA
  • Elam, Missy
    Unique and whimsical bottled portraits. Acrylics and paper mache are used to create fun personalities on bottles of all shapes and sizes. -- Atlanta,GA, USA
  • Gamache, Shaun
    Shaun Gamache studies masculinity in both a political and scientific sense of the word. His unique sociological approach to combining the social codes of multiple masculinities in a visual representation make you think and react with gut feelings. He can ... -- Calgary, Canada
  • Grace, Judy
    Unique mixed media art, sculpture, paper mache, surreal art -- Bath,ME, USA
  • Hope, Akua Lezli
    Akua Lezli Hope is an African American woman creator who uses words, glass, handmade paper, and music to present ideas and tell stories. Her sculptures, objects and jewelry are made primarily of glass and handmade paper. She also works in ... -- Corning,NY, USA
  • kulkarni, sakshi
    I am an architect and animator.I also work as multimedia content creator. My skills include sketching, water and oil colour painting, 3d modelling (computer), architectural illustration and modelling, candle making, paper mache, animation, logo design. I work with softwares ... -- mumbai, India
  • Lindsay, Billy
    I do clay, resin, fiberglass, and paper mache sculpture.From small to lifesize figures.Will do commission work.Masks and holiday figures.Can make several pieces from molds I create.Also do painting and make some gif animations. -- Lawrenceville,IL, USA
  • Lindsay, Billy
    I do clay, fiberglass, resin, and paper mache sculptures.From small to lifesize ordinary or famous people , animals or fantasy figures.Masks or props.Will do commission work or can make several pieces from molds I create.Holiday or unusual ... -- Lawrenceville,IL, USA
  • Lynn, Stephanie
    Original paper mache art, including exclusive Warembo Dolls, Ugly Stuff, vases, egyptian pieces, and sculptures. -- Pittsburgh,PA, USA
  • Pankow, Paige
    watercolour, watercolor, abstract, bayou, mixed media, prints, originals, gifts, affordable, up-and-coming, up and coming, famous, corporate collections, personal collections, worldwide, Louisiana, unique style, unique, different, investment, jewelry, stained glass, acrylic, oil, murals, windows, interior designer, watercolor, famous, well ... -- Slidell,LA, USA
  • Paradowski, Philip
    Unique paper-mache sculptures of weird dinosaurs and other creatures. Gallery of sculptures, studio page with pictures of works in progress, and a shop page are all available for visitors. -- Milwaukee,WI, USA
  • Portugal, Jan
    Sculpture, Portraits, Ceramic, Concrete, murals, sculpy, Paper mache, Bronze, Tiles, Artist for Hire. -- Dayton,NV, USA
  • Richardson, Vincent
    Art works by Vincent James Richardson, painter and paper mache artist. View inpasto paintings (acrylic on pumice and aluminum) and masks inspired by the Maya and the Universe. What lives in the heart is reflectected in the heart. VJR -- Los Angeles,CA, USA
  • Sanchez, Maria
    Latina Artist Maria Sanchez, vibrant paintings influenced by memories, culture, music. They are food for the soul. Acrylics on Canvas, Watercolors, Artist Trading Cards, Paper Mache -- Foster City,CA, USA
  • Schimmer, Dorle
    The page starts with an animation of sculptures made of papermaché representing a yoga exercise, saludo al sol.But most of the work is paintig, oil acrilic, watercolor and mixed techniques. -- Valencia, Spain
  • Schumacher, E.M.
    Mixed media paintings by E.M. Schumacher explore line, color and pattern through the artist's unique and boldly colorful expressive style. Mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, gouaches and inks are combined and layered using washes, painting, drawing and sometimes... -- Comox Valley, Canada
  • Winslow, Tuesday
    I create a collection of decorative papier-mache mirrors. The mirrors are decoupage with international maps, colored paper and hand painted. -- Washington, DC,DC, USA

  • Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Pablo Picasso
    Female Head with Earring
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    Geopoliticus Child
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    Salvador Dali
    Discovery of America By Christopher Colu
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