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The Art Museums subcategories lead you to art museums, collections museum exhibitions, and archives around the world. You can search alphabetically, by collections, country, or historical period. The Educational and Teacher Resources sections provide educators and students with classroom materials and information on exhibits in their area.

Alphabetized Resources in this category:

  • Pacific Science Center
    -- Seattle,WA, USA
  • Paley Design Center
    The Paley Design Center is located on the campus of its parent organization, Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. Designed by Philadelphia architect Earl Bolten and built in 1952,the building was originally the residence of Mrs. Goldie Paley. After Mrs. ... -- Philadelphia,PA, USA
  • Pasarya Museum of Art
    A collection of 12 series, 12 gallery rooms exhibition journey; some of the most powerful works of art ever assambled under one roof. -- Atlanta,GA, USA
  • Pasarya Museum of Art
    A collection of the most powerful works of art ever assembled under one roof; twelve series, twelve gallery rooms. -- Atlanta,Ga,GA, USA
  • Pat Hathaway Historical Photo Collection
    California Views was established in 1970 and is located in Monterey, California, this unique photo archive is the most comprehensive historical photo collection of Central California. California Views Photo Archive is constantly seeking to add historical photographs to it's ... -- Monterey,CA, USA
  • Paul Bunyan Loggin Camp
    he Paul Bunyan Logging Camp of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has much to offer to families, tour groups and individuals. Located in beautiful and historic Carson Park, our facility features an interpretive center containing the new Interactive Tall Tales Room for ... -- Eau Claire,WI, USA
  • Pavlovsk
    Pavlovsk is a superb palace and park ensemble of the late XVIII - begining of the XIX centuries which was esed as a summer residence of the Russian emperor Paul I and his family. The landscape park, one of the largest ... -- St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Peabody Essex Museum
    Absolutely not-to-be missed! Explore our internationally famous collections of mairtime art and history, art of Asia and the Pacific Islands, historic houses, research library, and much more. -- Salem,MA, USA
  • Peabody Museum of Natural History
    -- New Haven,CT, USA
  • Pejepscot Historical Society
    The Pejepscot Historical Society serves the Pejepscot region of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, Maine. Established in 1888,it is one of Maine's oldest historical organizations, maintaining three museums and a comprehensive research collection. We hope that you will enjoy ... -- Brunswick,ME, USA
  • Peninsula Fine Arts Center
    The Peninsula Fine Arts Center, located in Newport News, Virginia, welcomes you to the wonderful world of art where you'll see new and exciting worlds, different view-points and the creative side of life. Our Center is a community... -- Newport News,VA, USA
  • Peter the Great
    MAE RAS is the oldest state museum in Russia. It was founded in 1704 at Peter the Great's decree and served as the foundation for the St.Petersburg (and later Russian) Academy of Sciences and a number of the ... -- St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Peterhof
    Peterhof, the world-renowned monument of Russian art and architecture of the 18th-19th centuries, Capital of Fountains, with the added convenience of proximity to St Petersburg, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Russia. -- St Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Phillips Collection
    The Phillips Collection, America's First Museum of Modern Art, Modern Art, Impressionist, Impressionists, Impressionism, Rothko, Dove, Duncan Phillips, Phillips, Art Museums, Art, Washington DC, Art Museum, Museum, The Boating Party, Renoir, Modern Art Museum, Art History, Art Conservation, Art ... -- Washington,DC, USA
  • Phoenix Ancient Art
    An international company, Phoenix Ancient Art S.A. specializes in rare and high quality works of art from the Mediterranean region and Near East, with an emphasis on the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Central Europe, Byzantium, and Islam. ... -- New York,NY, USA
  • Phoenix Art Museum
    Phoenix Art Museum's Collection of over 13,000 works spans the centuries and emphasizes American Art; Asian Art; European Art of the 14th-19th Centuries; Western American Art; 20th Century Art; Spanish Colonial and Latin American Art; 18th-20th ... -- Phoenix,AZ, USA
  • Phoenix Family Museum
    The Phoenix Family Museum is a place to engage the minds, muscles, and imaginations of people of all ages. We provide exhibits and programs for children ages 0-10 and their families, with artists in residence in our Place to ... -- Phoenix,AZ, USA
  • Photographlink
    Beautiful full-size images of landscapes, skies, people and oceans. B&W and color photography in several online galleries. -- Seattle,WA, USA
  • Photos and Art
    The online gallery featuring limited and open edition giclee prints featuring artists: Modesto Padilla and Donna Corless. Art from the caribbean to Europe in a variety of mediums including pen and inks, digital watercolor, pastels and watercolor pencil. -- Woodbridge,VA, USA
  • Pinacoteca Capitolina
    Collection of italian and european painting ranging from the 15th to the 20th century; masterpieces by Caravaggio, Guido Reni, Guercino, Rubens, etc. Important collection of ceramics. -- Rome, Italy
  • Pink Palace Mansion
    Headquarters for the Memphis Museum System, the Pink Palace was originally designed to be the dream home of wealthy entrepreneur Clarence Saunders. The museum derives its name from the mansion's ornate pink Georgian marble facade. Saunders, an entrepreneur and... -- Memphis,TN, USA
  • Pink Palace Museum
    The recently expanded and remodeled Pink Palace Museum is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Southeast. You can walk through a replica of the first self-service grocery store in the country, Clarence Saunders' Piggly Wiggly... -- Memphis,TN, USA
  • Plimoth Plantation
    It is always 1627 in the village of New Plymouth. Learn more about how history repeats itself through the Living History, First Person and Interpretive Artisan programs in Plimoth Plantation's Pilgrim Village. -- Plymouth,MA, USA
  • Portland Harbor Museum
    The museum is located on the grounds of historic Fort Preble overlooking beautiful Casco Bay. Its permanent exhibit of 19th century wooden shipbuilding includes sections of the South Portland built clipper ship, Snow Squall. -- Portland,ME, USA
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
    Founded 1995,PICA is the only organization in the state of Oregon devoted exclusively to contemporary art. Focusing on current trends and aesthetic concerns in both the visual and performing arts, PICA presents the work of national and international artists, ... -- Portland,OR, USA
  • Portland Museum
    A website about the Portland Museum - an educational resource that interprets, exhibits preserves and celebrates the arts, culture and history. -- Louisville,KY, USA
  • President Benjamin Harrison Home
    The President Benjamin Harrison Home is the former residence of President Benjamin Harrison that is now a museum dedicated to his life. The house is located at 1230 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President ... -- Indianapolis,IN, USA
  • Prince of Wales Museum of Western India
    It is one of the most important museums of India. Having Art, Paintings, miniture Paintings, sculptures, bronzes, ivory, jade artifacts. -- Bombay, India
  • Prints and Printmaking from Australia and the Australasian Region
    Prints, Posters and illustrated Books from Australia (including Aboriginal Australia), Papua New Guinea, Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 16,000 images, information -- Canberra, ACT, Australia

  • Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Matisse, Henri: Still Life with Tablecloth for $5
    Henri Matisse
    Still Life with Tablecloth
    Our Supplier's Price: $5.00

    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Persistence of Memory for $19
    Salvador Dali
    Persistence of Memory
    Our Supplier's Price: $19.00

    Click here to buy van Gogh, Vincent: Cafe Terrace At Night for $1
    Vincent van Gogh
    Cafe Terrace At Night
    Our Supplier's Price: $1.00

    Click here to buy Escher, M.C.: Day and Night for $5
    M.C. Escher
    Day and Night
    Our Supplier's Price: $5.00

    Click here to buy Monet, Claude: Woman with a Parasol for $7
    Claude Monet
    Woman with a Parasol
    Our Supplier's Price: $7.00

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