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Artist: John Cafe ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by John Cafe.

John Cafe George II sterling baluster silver 1753 - 1754
John Frederick Lewis Cafe on the Bosphorus 1837
Edgar Degas - Au Café c. 1875-1877 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum French
Jean-Louis Forain - At the Café n.d. watercolor and gouac The Dixon Gallery and Gardens French
Edouard Vuillard - At the Café c. 1897-1899 oil on board, laid o Cleveland Museum of Art French
Frank Townsend Hutchens - Café Sidi-Bou-Said n.d. oil on canvas Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
Edouard Vuillard - Café Wepler c. 1908-1910 oil on fabric Cleveland Museum of Art French
Guy Pene du Bois - Café du Dome 1925-1926 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas - At the Café Chateaudun c. 1869-1871 pencil and oil on pa The National Gallery, London French
Edouard Manet - The Café Concert 1879 oil on canvas The Walters Art Museum French
Pierre Bonnard - Café Terrace 1898 oil on board Cleveland Museum of Art French
Amedeo Modigliani - Café Singer 1917 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Italian
Willard Leroy Metcalf - Café at Biskra, Algiers 1887 oil on wood panel Florence Griswold Museum American
Celine M. Tabary - Terrasse de café, Paris 1950 oil on canvas National Museum of Women in the Arts French
Everett Shinn - Café Martin, formerly Delmonico's 1876-1953 oil pastel on paper The Mint Museums American
Henri Gervex - Café Scene in Paris 1877 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art French
Benjamin Newton Messick - Main Street Café Society 1938 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art American
Juan Gris - The Coffee Mill (Le Moulin a Café) 1916 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art Spanish
Museum of Fine Arts -
Robert Earle Henri, American, 1865-1929 Café Bleu, St. Cloud about 1895-99 Oil on panel 8.57
Pietro Longhi - Artist Sketching an Elegant Company (Il Café) c. 1760 Oil on canvas Norton Simon Museum Italian
William Cafe George III candlestick silver 1768
William Cafe George III candlestick silver 1768
Museum of Fine Arts -
Marked by John Cafe, first mark entered 1740, dead about 1757 Snuffer Tray London, England
John Cafe Cup and saucer porcelain circa 1825
Museum of Fine Arts -
Marked by John Cafe, first mark entered 1740, dead about 1757 Candlestick Lighting Devices London,
Museum of Fine Arts -
Marked by John Cafe, first mark entered 1740, dead about 1757 Candlestick Lighting Devices London,
Matt Phillips The Moroccans/ At the Cafe Drypoint 1983
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
George Moore (1852-1933) at the Café, 1878 or 1879 Édouard Manet (French, 1832-1883)Oil on canvas;
LE CAFE (titre inscrit) (4e quart 19e siècle) by CLAREY A (éditeur)
Arthur William Heintzelman La Marchande de Cafe au Lait Etching 1921
Karl Kasten Le Cafe Chinois Collograph and color etching 1966
Gerard Cochet Le Cafe Etching 19th - 20th century
John Cafe Cup and saucer hard-paste porcelain circa 1828
John Cafe Cup and saucer hard-paste porcelain circa 1828
John Cafe Cup and saucer hard-paste porcelain circa 1825
John Cafe Cup and saucer hard-paste porcelain circa 1825
Salle de Concerts - GRAND CAFE DU COMMERCE / BEAUSSARON / GRANGE , Propriétaire / Adresse Télégraphique : CAFE COMMERCE-MARSEILLE / Peinture Artistique / d'Andéol Wolf by anonyme (photographe)
Louis C. Rosenberg, A. R. E. Little Greek Cafe Drypoint 1928
Charles Surendorf Sidewalk Cafe, Tahiti Wood engraving 20th century
Giovanni Boldini Cafe Scene oil on panel circa 1887
John Cafe Cup and saucer hard-paste porcelain circa 1825 - 1850
Arthur William Heintzelman A Montmartre Cafe Etching 19th - 20th century
Anonymous Croquis Parisiens:Madame demande son cafe.... Lithograph 19th century
LES BUVEURS (LE CAFE) (titre inscrit) (1895 entre ; 1920 et) by JEHENNE (éditeur) ; SIRVEN Bernard (éditeur, imprimeur)
Georges-Charles Dufresne Cafe Concert Etching 19th - 20th century
Charles Vernier Actualities: Le Grand Cafe Parisien lithograph 19th century
Martin Hardie Cafe St. Malo (A Square in France ) Etching 1927
Theodore van Rysselberghe La Cafe Concert Etching 19th - 20th century
LE CAFE (titre inscrit) (1877 entre ; 1893 et) by BOUILLON-RIVOYRE (éditeur), NORGEU A (imprimeur)
Mermaid Cafe, Robert M. Shapiro (United States, 1939 - 1997) , no date, Gelatin-silver print
Helen Breger Cafe & Bar Chez L'Eternite etching 20th century
La rue Notre-Dame à Dieppe ; Quais de Dieppe. La rue Notre-Dame. (19e siècle) by NASH Joseph ; CAFE Thomas Smith
In front of the cafe, Wachelmeier Ludwig (1892 - 1940)  (Artist), circa 1917, Etching on wove paper
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Sketches of a Café Singer
LES BUVEURS (LE CAFE AU LAIT) (titre inscrit) (1895 entre ; 1920 et) by JEHENNE (éditeur) ; SIRVEN Bernard (éditeur, imprimeur)
LE CAFE ROYAL A LONDRES (1er quart 20e siècle) by ORPEN Sir William
Al’s Cafe Photo Documentation, Allen Ruppersberg (United States, Ohio, Cleveland, born 1944) , 1969, Photograph
Paul Gavarni Apres Le Cafe....au jardin Mabile... Lithograph 19th century
Cafe Music, Max Beckmann (Germany, Leipzig, 1884 - 1950) , 1918, Drypoint on firm, chamois wove paper
Cafe Music, Max Beckmann (Germany, Leipzig, 1884 - 1950) , 1918, Drypoint on firm, chamois wove paper

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Cafe

Inspiration Cafe: 9th Inspired Art Auction
All proceeds will benefit the work of the Inspiration Cafe, a non profit organization that works to restore dignity and self-sufficiency to homeless men and women. The evening also includes entertainment and food and drink from top Chicago r...

Cafe Thou Art: Jeff Packard's World Tour Miniature Golf Celebrity Tournament
Volunteers will participate in the Candle Lighting Ceremony on Thursday, December 30th at exactly 8:00pm around the perimeter of manhattan. Tee off for the miniature golf tournament on that same day will be at exactly 2pm. cafethouart.com will pos...

Galerie St. Etienne: Cafe Culture: Art and Society in Early 20th Century Austria and Germany
The café and its nighttime counterpart, the cabaret, were meeting grounds for all members of society in early twentieth century Austria and Germany, fermenting artistic movements and influencing artists’ subject matter. The cross-fertilization tha...

Café Macchiato: Tribal Vision: Photography by Wayne Quilliam
My work reflects the affiliation our people have with the land and the continual building of relationships with non-indigenous people. The theme of this exhibition involves the use of natural landscapes and the human figure, each image represents...

Tate Gallery: Britain s New National Museum of Modern Art, and Will Open to the Public for the First Time on 12 May.
Bankside Power Station has been transformed into Tate Modern by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. The former Turbine Hall, running the whole length of the vast building, now marks a breathtaking entrance to the gallery. From...

Speakeasy Cafe: Blackchair Productions to present Independent Exposure

NSA Gallery: NSA Annual Christmas Exhibition
Be sure not to miss this event, as we also offer a shopping experience with a conscience - all proceeds generated during this time will be ploughed back into the organisation, a registered welfare organisation! Furthermore we support local artist...

Wexner Center for the Arts: Notationsw | Franz West: 2Topia
Austrian artist Franz West has been invited to develop the first project of the series. Slated to participate in future projects are American artist Lawrence Weiner, Spa...

Cafe Gallery Project: The London Group: Works on Paper
The results are plain to see in the gallery. Each exhibited work has a quality, integrity and inner consistency which has been uncompromised by any extraneous requirements of a theme or commissioning brief. Individual pieces are given plenty of sp...

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art: Thai Design at Hara Museum
"Lounge Thai Style" (Gallery I) Works in this gallery are drawn from the "organic" design project of the Planet, Ayodhya and Yothaka design groups. This project is connected to the environmental beautification campaign promoted by the Thai roy...

New Museum of Contemporary Art: Marco Brambilla: HalfLife in the Zenith Media Lounge
Brambilla’s project presents video footage of close-ups of the players' faces while they are absorbed in the game, edited footage from the game itself, and surveillance-style imagery of the cyber-cafe. The confluence of physical and virtual realm...

La Plaza Cafe and Gallery: Andalusian International Artists: Fuengirola Showcase
The AIA-Group was formed in 2005 by professional and dedicated visual artists from around Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, South America and Australia, who are all living and working in the Province of Andalucía, in southern Spain. The object...

Zest Cafe Gallery: Cyberart to the Dining Table: Works by Fifteen International Artists
Participating artists are: Shankar Barua/INDIA
Mike Butler/CANADA
Dr. Rodney Chang*(Pygoya)/USA
Wayne J. Cosshall/AUSTRALIA
Andrew Cottingham/NEW ZEALAND
Cafe Gallery Project: What is Any Thing? Paintings by Georgia Hayes
Others have called her works "sumptuous.. a reconnection with the tradition of figurative painting,... taut with a dynamic and a sense of colour and excitement that is joyfully snatched from Modernist abstraction." (David Laing, Harriet Green G...

Cafe Gallery Project: Sybille Berger: New Paintings and Sketches
Berger creates sketches which she makes on canvas at a small scale before choosing each idea. These are displayed in the Long Gallery alongside major works in the Main Space to demonstrate the relationship between the development of the ideas for ...

Cafe Gallery Project: Johannes Phokela Re-Working Iconic Images
Phokela links these re-interpretations of Dutch Golden Age painting with the development of the Enlightenment movement, and with the colonisation of the African continent. Whilst Phokela's work weaves a personal history into the canon of Dutch ...

American-Scandinavian Foundation: Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America
The Need and The Vision Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America will present Scandinavian culture and achievements, economic and political issues and many other facets of life in Nordic countries to a varied and often influen...

Speakeasy Cafe: Blackchair Productions Independent Exposure Program
Cinema-Rex (Belgrade, Serbia); OvarVideo Festival (Ovar, Portugal); The Bar (Dublin, Ireland); Cine-Fantom (Moscow, Russia); Project304 (Bangkok, Thailand); Animac International Festival of Animation (Lleida, Spain); The Terminal Bar (Prague, Cze...

Dylan Thomas Centre: Another Kind of Eden: Works by John Selway
They are inspired by Selway's own youth - particularly summer holidays in rural Herefordshire - as well as the childhood of Dylan Thomas. Selway explores the closeness of the life and death experiences, and the ecstacy and agony of sexual awake...

Michael Werner Gallery: New Paintings by Jörg Immendorff
The iconographic language that Immendorff has cultivated throughout his career began while he was a student of Jospeh Beuys in the Sixties.  Immendorff responded to the chaos and social crises of a split Germany with a politically charged body of ...

Hayward Gallery: BRASSAI: The Soul of Paris
'When you meet the man you see at once that he is equipped with no ordinary eyes’'
– Henry Miller on Brassaï IMAGE:
Lovers in a Small Cafe near the Place d'Italie
1932 Brassaï Estate
on long term loan to ...

NSA Gallery: Three Short Exhibitons to be Displayed
One continent, many facets
The fourth De Beers Shining Lights Awards Collection Last year De Beers commenced the fourth De Beers Shining Light Awards, and entrants were asked to draw inspiration from the rich symboli...

Victoria and Albert Museum: Little Snappers Exhibit
The results are impressive and refreshingly imaginative. Lunch Break by winner Grace Chilton is a beautiful still life shot of her school desk while the image Memories of Express Café by winner Louise Gould of a local café takes a poignant look a...

UPTOWN Cafe: Show Me The Monet: A Celebration of the Life and Art of CLAUDE MONET, 1840-1926
Lunch & dinner creations from Monets cooking journals
will be produced by The UPTOWNs chef staff. Slide shows will accompany some ban...
Historische Museum, Museen Der Stadt Wien: Coole Kids: photographs in Vienna by Didi Sattmann.
The resulting series of photographs (1995-1997) interprets the current youth movement, their expressions and general globalization. Each movement is influenced by a global direction of music (i.e. Punk, HipHop). A resulting global Lebensgefuehl (i...

Bayly Art Museum: Charlottesville Collects
“We think our visitors will be both surprised and delighted to see the wonderful works in Charlottesville Collects,” says Jill Hartz, director of the Bayly Art Museum. “We are thrilled to share these works with the public, and are so grateful ...

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: SURREALISM IN BIRMINGHAM
And for 20 years Birmingham was a hotbed of surrealism, although the city's influence on the movement has been little-known - until now. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery ha...

California Museum of Photography: Dating Surveillance Project: Video Installation and Black and White Photographs by Laurie Long

FIAC: FIAC: International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in Europe
It is together with the active participation of its professional and institutionel partners and a real desire to create a synergy with the other cultural events and institutions in Paris that this new ...

Cafe Gallery Project: Story Telling Narrative Paintings by Debbie Lee
It seemed already the vision of an undying child, endowed with an awkward grace that was utterly compelling. Could she hold onto that raw creativity even in mature adulthoodNULL
- Timothy Hyman Debbie Lee graduated with a first class...

Catherine Hickman Theater Gallery: Highway to the Soul: The Disappearing Florida Landscape
The works on display are from the collection of Tony Hayton. Mr. Hayton a Canadian collector started his acquisition of Highwaymen paintings in the early 1990s. Since that time it has grown into one of the finest collections of Highwaymen art in ...

Global Cafe: DnA Factory Present the Fluffer Show
The fluffer show is a showcase for not only their current crop of installations but also amassing some of their showbiz chums each to take a little turn in music and spectacle. This is a multi disciplined, multi national hum dinger hot doggie c...

Folly: Contemporary Polish Art from Biuro Wystaw Artystyczynych, Lublin
Focal to the exhibition are conceptual art forms that have been central to Polish avant-garde practice since the late 1960‚s including film, video and performance. The artists chosen span three generations of Polish post-war radicalism including ...

Clark Art Institute of Art: Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures: Orientalism in America, 1870-1930
The rich history of this American Orientalism will be the subject of Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures: Orientalism in America, 1870-1930, a traveling exhibition organized by the Sterling and ...

Art House Co-op: Like a Concert Tour, but with Sketchbooks...
Art House Co-op, Atlanta GA takes all the artists sketchbooks on a 7 city tour to galleries and museums across the U.S. including Art House Gallery-Atlanta, GA; Museum of Contemporary Art-Washington, DC: Chris Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia, PA; Laconia ...

Roxy Art House Gallery: Roger Cummiskey: A Stroll Thro' Ulysses - Bloomsday 100
The Director of the Roxy ArtHouse, Michael Borland, invited Roger to exhibit in Edinburgh after visiting his exhibition on the same theme at the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre in Dublin in 2003 opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin. Presenting an intern...

Dayton Art Institute: JUDAICA: Celebrating Temple Israel's 150 years
As the Miami Valley's only fine art museum, The Dayton Art Institute offers a full range of programming in addition to daily exhibition of its permanent collection. The galleries are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and Thursdays until 9 p...

Camden Arts Centre: Pedro Cabrita Reis: Stillness
At Camden Arts Centre, Cabrita Reis will make a group of works which engage with the architecture of the newly-renovated Centre and the different registers of space offered by Galleries 1 and 3. In the white cube of Gallery 1, he will produce a pi...

Plains Art Museum: Common Ground: The Landscapes of Kim Gordon
Gordon is a plein-air painter, taking her canvases and brushes outside to paint the landscape from life. The artist stated, "As a plein-air painter I have a constant fascination with the way the world looks, with the way light defines and erodes f...

Dia: Chelsea: Jorge Prado: Prototype
An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Wednesday, September 17 from 6 to 8 pm. Jorge Pardo Pardo was born in 1963 in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the United States in 1969. He earned his BFA at Art Center College of Design ...

Further Artwork and Information:

jangous WEBSITE
Big Johns email-cafe.com Internet cafe Guesthouse hostel Bangkok Thailand
Johns Café
Johns Cafe - Cleveland, OH, 44105-1155 - Cleveland Citysearch
Server name: vivaldi
Kabul John Café
Johns Café
Hiatt, John Singer/songwriter


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Rond Et Pointu, 1939
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Vincent van Gogh
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Irises, Saint-Remy, 1889
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