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Artist: Rod Hackney ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (2)
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Thomas Rowlandson Hackney Assembly Etching with watercolor 1812
Thomas Rowlandson Miseries of London, or a surly saucy hackney coachman Etching with watercolor 1814

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (6)
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Mint Museum of Art: Tom Hunter: Contemporary Narratives
VantagePoint VI Tom Hunter: Contemporary Narratives, will present the first international artist to be featured in the Mint Museum of Artís ongoing series of contemporary art. Ten large-format photographs from 1997 to 2005 will be shown in the exh...

Transition: E8: The Heart of Hackney
Tom Hunter is an E8 resident and is showing a haunting image of his local park - London Fields. Hunter was recently the first photographer to show his work at The National Gallery. Walkwalkwalk are producing a specially tailored walk around ...

National Galleries of Scotland: Rachel Whiteread: First Solo Exhibition on Scotland
In 1993 Whiteread made a cement cast of the inside of a terraced three-story house in the London borough of Hackney, where she lives and works. House was demolishe...

Transition: Acid Drops and Sugar Candy: Works by Over 40 Artists
Works included in the exhibition are by Majed Aslam, Emi Avor, Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Anna Bjerger, Clive Brandon, Jorges Cabieses, Louise Brierley, Leigh Clarke, Sam Dargan, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Heb...

Transition: E9: An Anatomy of an Area
These eclectic urban musings and jumbled city thoughts are neither sensational, nor shocking but by their very ordinariness they connect to something beautifully strange and profound. With this trawling through both the badlands and the genteel ge...

Transition: Hans in Transition: Paintings by Hans Scheirl
"For Hans in Transition I plan to create a dynamic between self-portraits from that time and my new work, which is more abstract, more graphic design and comix inspired." "Staging myself as a man and staging myself as a painter is juxtaposed...

Further Artwork and Information:

Rod Hackney (1628 - 1685) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Rod Hackney & Associates - Architectural Services, Macclesfield
Rod Hackney new chairman of British Architectural Library Trust
Rod Hackney new chairman of British Architectural Library Trust
Bob Williams column, Congratulations Ramar ... proud papa-to-be, December 17, 2000
Bob Williams column, December 17, 2000
N.C. Zoo Sets Press Conference for February 24


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Camille Pissarro
In the Garden
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Gustav Klimt
Tannenwald I 1901
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Norman Rockwell
Soda Fountain
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Henri Matisse
Blue Nude, 1952
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Paul Gauguin
When Are You Getting Married?
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