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Artist: Zaha Hadid ( - )
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Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (14)
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Yale School of Architecture Galleries: Zaha Hadid Laboratory
Titled Zaha Hadid Laboratory, the exhibition highlights Hadid's most recent projects in Europe, North America and Asia. It will include an array of drawings, colorful field paintings, models and three-dimensional computer images and animations. <...

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art: Tokyo Blossoms: Deutsche Bank Collection meets Zaha Hadid
The Deutsche Bank Collection, known as one of the finest corporate art collections in the world, was started in 1979, the same year the Hara Museum was founded. Since that time, the Deutsche Bank has regularly added to the collection works that ra...

Columbus College of Art and Design: Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts, Projects, Buildings
Sketches, drawings and models will be presented with detailed descriptions, making the exhibition a comprehensive history of museum architecture in the last decade of the 20th century. Organized by The Art Centre Basel, the exhibition has been tra...

Pratt Institute: Selections from the Collection Fonds Regional d Art Contemporain du Centre, Orleans, France
Yona Friedman, a French architect known for his intriguing research into architectural form and structure, will give a lecture Thursday, February 8, 2001, at 5:30 p.m., Higgins Hall South, 65 St. James Place, Brooklyn, New York. Following the lect...

David Gill: Mattia Bonetti 2008 - New Work
Mattia Bonetti, who was born and educated in Switzerland but moved to Paris in 1973, has always used his training in textiles and applied art to come up with solutions across art and design practice. He has worked as a successful art photographer ...

Contemporary Arts Center: Slide Show
Slide Show is a series of 18 installations that range from single-carousel pieces to more cinematic presentations created with multiple projectors. Through the remarkably simple technology of a slide projector and color transparencies, artists fou...

Contemporary Arts Center: Kendell Geers: Hung, Drawn and Quartered
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Geers employs a fully integrated approach to art and life calling into question his own conflicted ancestry as a white South African. He has exhibited extensively around the world, most notably he has participat...

Contemporary Arts Center: Sanford Biggers: both/and not either/or
For the CAC, Biggers will produce a new exhibition environment entitled “Both/And Not Either/Or.” The exhibition will focus on a bell choir ceremony in Japan where he explores the connection between contemporary and ancestral.  Biggers’ exhibition...

Bonnefanten Museum: The Vincent
The Province of Limburg and the city of Maastricht support the Award to commemorate the European Maastricht Treaty of 1992. The Award of 50.000 Euro has been installed to support the work of European artists in t...

Contemporary Arts Center: Nothing Compared to This: Ambient, Incidental and New Minimal Tendencies in Current Art
Nothing Compared to This looks at the works of artists who occupy and control space by subtle, often indirect, means. The most salient distinction of today’s art in this vein, however, is that it is often not meant to be contemplated, or even dire...

Contemporary Arts Center: Somewhere Better Than This Place: Alternative Social Experience in the Spaces of Contemporary Art
Such recognized contemporary artists as Vanessa Beecroft, Janet Cardiff and Yinka Shonibare will be featured alongside established and emerging artists from the Americas, Cuba, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The largest exhibition presented in ...

Milwaukee Art Museum: Museums for a New Millennium: Concepts, Projects, Buildings
Among those featured in this exhibition is the Milwaukee Art Museum expansion, designed by Santiago Calatrava, which opened in October 2001. Museums for a New Millennium at the Milwaukee Art Museum is sponsored by CG Schmidt, Inc. and Graef, Anha...

Palazzo Ducale: Arti and Architettura: 1900 - 2000
A utopian adventure, encroaching sometimes into “archisculpture”, whose protagonists – artists and architects from Kazimir Malevich to Vladmir Tatlin, from Antonio Sant'Elia to Giuseppe Terragni, from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to Piet Mondrian, f...

BAWAG Foundation: Elke Krystufek: The Rich Visit the Poor, the Poor Visit the Rich
Artists, gallery owners, collectors, curators - Krystufek falls back on the entire art scene yakuza, making them appear against a backdrop of slums and palaces, in chic salons and trashy saloons, in pink Cadillacs, designer chairs, and high-gra...

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