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Artist: Hym Rabinowitz ( - )
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Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (3)
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Sasol Art Museum, University of Stellenbosch: South African Contemporary Ceramics
The Director of the University Museum, Dr Lydia de Waal, was given an opportunity to make a selection from this collection. A total of 17 ceramic pieces of prominent artists ranging from Esias Bosch, Hyme Rabinowitz, Tim Morris and Andre Wal...

First Street Gallery: Improvisations On Site: Pastels - Nancy Balliett
Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, Nancy Balliett has been painting for almost thirty years and has appeared in countless group and one-person shows. Her pictures are in many collections, private and public. She works in plein air in both pastels and oi...

Palau de la Virreina: Banquete:   Metabolism and Communicatión
In this context, banquete has been conceived of as an exploratory and open conversation between art, science, thought and society. A conversation understood as a process in which information and values, experiences, knowledge and meanings flow, mi...

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