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Artist: Fan: Jacob And Rachel ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Fan: Jacob and Rachel.

Francisco Antolinez y Sarabia - Jacob and Rachel 1665-70 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art Spanish
Jacob abreuvant les troupeaux de Rachel (1865 en) by MONTFORT Antoine Alphonse
Jacob partant avec Rachel (4e quart 16e siècle ; 1ère moitié 17e siècle) by RUBENS Peter Paulus (école)
Jacob abreuvant les troupeaux de Rachel (19e siècle) by MONTFORT Antoine Alphonse
Rebecca et Eliézer by TASSI Agostino
La rencontre de Rachel, Lia et de Jacob au puits by ATELIER DE RAPHAEL (d'après)
Homme debout, de profil à droite, versant le contenu d'une outre (1865 en) by MONTFORT Antoine Alphonse
Johann Karl Loth (Carlotto) Jacob and Rachel at Well oil on canvas circa 1680
Mark Adams Fan: Jacob and Rachel, (with case) opaque watercolor on paper and ivory with mother of pearl 1750 - 1775
Figures autour d'un puits : Jacob, Rachel et Léa auprès d'un puits ? (17e siècle) by anonyme
Homme debout, versant le contenu d'une outre (19e siècle) by MONTFORT Antoine Alphonse
Claude Mellan Jacob and Rachel at the Fountain ~After Tintoretto Engraving 1642
Charles Nicholas Cochin I Jacob meeting Rachel in Mesopotamia Etching 17th - 18th century
Christopher van Sichem [Biblical scenes, with Jacob and Rachel, recto - verso] Woodcut 16th - 17th century
Christopher van Sichem [Biblical scenes, with Jacob and Rachel, recto - verso] Woodcut 16th - 17th century
Jacob demandant la main de Rachel à Laban (16e siècle) by CARPI Girolamo da
La mort de Rachel (1840) by SUTAT Auguste
Etude d'une figure de vieillard, la tête tournée vers la gauche (1ère moitié 18e siècle) by LEMOYNE François
Etienne Delaune The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel. From a Set of eleven scenes from the Old Testament Engraving 16th century
Etudes de figures (2e moitié 19e siècle) by YVON Adolphe
John Wesley Jarvis - Portrait of Rachel Van der Beek c. 1807-1812 oil on wood panel Los Angeles County Museum of Art American
Jacob découvrant le puits (1972) by PIOLA Domenico I
Sisto Badalocchio The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel at the Well, from the series of etchings Biblical Scenes, after the frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican Loggia Etching 1638
Sisto Badalocchio The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel at the Well, from the series of etchings Biblical Scenes, after the frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican Loggia Etching 1607
Sisto Badalocchio Jacob and Laban with Leah and Rachel, from the series of etchings Biblical Scenes, after the frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican Loggia Etching 1638
Sisto Badalocchio Jacob and Laban with Leah and Rachel, from the series of etchings Biblical Scenes, after the frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican Loggia Etching 1607
La rencontre de Jacob et Rachel (1710 vers ; 1715 vers) by GALEOTTI Sebastiano
Mademoiselle Rachel (19e siècle) by anonyme
George Caleb Bingham - Rachel Spears Johnston (1786-1850) c. 1837 oil on panel Minneapolis Institute of Arts American
Anthony van Dyck - Rachel de Ruvigny, Countess of Southampton, as Fortune c. 1638 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum Flemish
Rachel (?) pleurant ses enfants (2e quart 19e siècle ; 3e quart 19e siècle) by CHASSERIAU Théodore
Rachel (19e siècle) by anonyme (lithographe) ; LA BLANCHERE Henri de (photographe, d'après)
Rachel (19e siècle) by HEDOUIN Edmond (graveur)
Les Noces de Jacob (1793) by BOSCOLI Andrea ; GOZZOLI Benozzo (inspiré par)
Arrivée de Jacob en Mésopotamie (4e quart 18e siècle ; 1er quart 19e siècle) by HEIM François Joseph
Benjamin West - Mary, Wife of Henry Thompson of Kirby Hall, as Rachel at the Well 1775 oil on canvas Chrysler Museum of Art American
Clytemnestre poussée par Mimi Véron (Rachel) (19e siècle) by DAUMIER Honoré (caricaturiste)
Anonymous Mrs. Rachel G. Gerrard as a Child oil on canvas circa 1870
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Singer Sargent, American, 1856-1925 Mrs. Fiske Warren (Gretchen Osgood) and Her Daughter Rachel 1903
Jakob Steinhardt Rachel Mourning Her Children Color Woodcut 1953
FLEURS (1747) by RUYSCH Rachel
FLEURS (1747) by RUYSCH Rachel
Mademoiselle Rachel (Elizabeth-Rachel Félix, dite Elisa) (Mumpf, Suisse, 1821-Le Cannet, 1858), tragédienne (1848) by BARRE Jean Auguste
Switch, Rachel Whiteread (England, London, born 1963)  (Artist), 1994, Plaster and brass
Jacob Eichholtz - Jacob Leman c. 1808 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
Rachel (19e siècle) by CHARPENTIER Amédée (graveur) ; SIXDENIERS (graveur) ; RITTNER & GOUPIL (éditeur) ; RITTNER (éditeur); GOUPIL (éditeur)
Untitled (Lipstick Urinals), Rachel Lachowicz (born 1964)  (Artist), 1992, Lipstick, wax, plaster, fiberglas
Mademoiselle Rachel (1851 ; 1852) by HENRIQUEL-DUPONT (dit), HENRIQUEL Louis Pierre (patronyme) (graveur) ; LEHMANN Henri (dessinateur)
L'ACCOUCHEMENT ET LA MORT DE RACHEL (17e siècle) by FURINI Francesco (d'après)
Portrait de la tragédienne Rachel en buste, costume antique (1859 en) by GEROME Jean Léon
Rachel (19e siècle) by FUHR Charles Jérémie (lithographe) ; MEYER & PIERSON (photographe)
L'ALLIANCE DE JACOB ET DE LABAN (1630 entre ; 1635 et) by BERRETTINI Pietro, Pierre de CORTONE (dit)
Rachel, R. B. Kitaj (United States, Ohio, Chagrin Falls, 1932-10-29 - 2007-10-21) , 1994, Lithograph
Pierre Lombart Rachel Countess of Middlesex Engraving 17th century
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Flix Bonfils Title: Tombeau de Rachel, prs de Bethlehem, Palestine Date: n.d. Medium: albumen
Pierre Lombart Portrait of Rachel, Countess of Middlesex 17th century
The Actress (Rachel, Lady of 1860), George Bellows (United States, Ohio, Columbus, 1882 - 1925) , 1923-24, Lithograph

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Gallery Chaos: Hope And Glory: Rachel Wilberforce
Challenging and engaging, the effervescent physicality of Wilberforces work is the key to its conspicuous power. By presenting images that question whats OK and whats not she breaks Pandoras box wide open. Text by artist/curator Predrag Pajdic...

Oakville Galleries: Rachel Harrison: Brides and Bases
Rejecting conventions, Harrisons work invites viewers to look closely and think imaginatively: why this specific image or that particular form? Each piece combines unusual materials, for example, framed photographs with Styrofoam, papier-mch, p...

Artspace: WORKOUT: David Nauggle and Rachel Iberra
Photography and drawings deliver a nauseating account of this experiment. Never having been interested or dedicated enough to stick with an exercise regimen, Rachel Ibarra decides to test her commitment as well as endurance. By attaching two Chine...

National Galleries of Scotland: Rachel Whiteread: First Solo Exhibition on Scotland
In 1993 Whiteread made a cement cast of the inside of a terraced three-story house in the London borough of Hackney, where she lives and works. House was demolishe...

Transition: Pretty Vacant 'And we don't care' Rachel Potts, Nina Ogden, Keara Stewart
Rachel Potts graduated from Bath Spa School of Art in 2005. Recent shows include Spectre Vs. Rector at The Residence, The Creekside Open X 2 at APT Gallery , 33% Pork at The Empire Gallery. Since graduating from Wimbledon School of Art, Nina...

Victoria and Albert Museum: Rachel Whiteread: Untitled (Room 101)
Untitled (Room 101) joins a portfolio of permanent and temporary art by established and emerging artists from Britain and abroad that have been created for display in BBC and public buildings across the country. It continues the Corporation's long...

Arts Center of St. Petersburg: Call for Artists: Project Creo = Center for Art and Design
Only video based works will be considered for this exhibition. No Entry Fee for Submissions Deadline to submit proposals: January 15, 2006 Proposal must contain the following information:
- Current artist resume, including:...

Translations Gallery: Mark Bowles: California Landscapes and Rachel Darnell: Paintings on Woven Canvas
Rachel Darnell's paintings on woven canvas emphasize the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things, combining the immediacy and expressiveness of painting with the primitive structure of weaving. Her travels into some of the most ancien...

Quilters Vault: Garden: Predrag Pajdic and Rachel Wilberforce
The Garden installation will consist of multiple simultaneous large-scale videos and slide projections onto the ceiling and wall space of the vault. The images of natural elements like sky, forest, water, desert, day and night will take the viewer...

Project Creo: Center for Art and Design: Call for Artists: Seeking Artists, Architects and Designers for Exhibition
Various 2-D and 3-D work investigating some form or degree of motion or capturing a moment in time may also be submitted. The Center is primarily seeking proposals that create interactive environments that will engage visitors to the space. Art...

Canberra Contemporary Art Space: House or Home
In House or Home, the domestic, interior space is a metaphor for psychological space, The exhibition looks at the nature of family relations within that space...

Guggenheim Museum: Rachel Whiteread: Transient Spaces - Two New Sculptures
We are extremely proud to present these monumental new works by Rachel Whiteread, noted director Thomas Krens. Rachel is one of the most formidable sculptors of our time. Her unique approach to the discipline is clear in these pieces, which poss...

Guggenheim Museum, Berlin: Rachel Whiteread: Transient Spaces
Using industrial materials such as plaster, concrete, rubber, and polystyrene, Whiteread typically cast the space underneath, around, or inside these objects, creating negative impression...

AMERICAN DANCE GUILD: Chamber Pieces: (Solos, Duets, Trios)

Artspeak: Expect Delays: Intervenions by Artists
Diane Borsato (New York)
Colleen Brown (Vancouver)
Rachel Echenberg (Montreal)
Kirsten Forkert (Vancouver)
John Marriott (Toronto)
Norma (Vancouver)
Christy Thompson (Toronto)
Sarah White (Vancouver) Expect D...

Axis: National Register of Contemporary Visual Artists
The Axis stores the information on a database - the Axis database. They provide the information about the artists to anyone who might want to contact them for commissions, exhibitions or study. They are funded by the Arts Councils of England, Sc...

Grace Cathedral: GraceOnline
Listen to audio interviews of the featured artists talking about how religion and spirituality influence their creative powers. This feature promises to be inspirational to both the artist and non-artist alike. You can log on to this piece di...

Gregg Fleishman Studio: Other 'Zones' II: The Garden and The Cube
Gregg Fleishman's work redefines structures in playful expressions of geometrical harmony. He constructs structural skeletons, grounded in real world conditions and meant to provoke new ways of living. These noble buildings are held together in sc...

Barbican Art Gallery: the americans. new art. - Opens Today
Recent years have seen a renewed interest in the hand-made among American artists, and the show contains a large proportion of painting and sculpture. However, these supposedl...

Brooklyn Museum of Art: SENSATION: Young British Artists From the Saatchi Collection
Among the forty two artists represented is Damien Hirst, perhaps Britains best-known artist of this generation, who is now recognized throughout the world for his work comprising sections of animals, such as sharks, lambs, and cows, preserved and ...

Ben Uri Gallery - London Jewish Museum of Art: Mark Gertler: A New Perspective
At the Slade Gertler mixed with C R W Nevinson, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer, won many prizes, and left with a reputation as a draughtsman to equal that of Augustus John. There he also met and fell in love with fellow student Dora Carrington, who...

Mark Moore Gallery: Ultrasonic International II: Transcending Transience
The show will bring together twelve artists whose work, although stylistically and thematically very different, is inextricably linked with notions of transience, temporality, and impermanence. The show will propose a dialogue amongst the works re...

Tate Modern: Between Cinema and a Hard Place
Ranging from film and video to sculpture, the exhibition features works by the following artists: Miroslaw Balka, Matthew Barney, Christian Boltanski, Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller, James Coleman, Stan Douglas,...

Transition: Acid Drops and Sugar Candy: Works by Over 40 Artists
Works included in the exhibition are by Majed Aslam, Emi Avor, Paul Becker, Kiera Bennett, Anna Bjerger, Clive Brandon, Jorges Cabieses, Louise Brierley, Leigh Clarke, Sam Dargan, Annabel Dover, Sarah Doyle, Stephen Harwood, Nadia Heb...

Fort Worth International Center: OTHER VIEWS
THE ARTISTS Monte Martin, while new to our area, has exhibited his world travel orientated photography throughout the Midwest. The view and presentation is conceptual and intriguing. Martin is the manager of the Arlington Art Museu...

Milwaukee Art Museum: Currents 31: Robert Melee
The home entertainment units will contain vintage televisions featuring Melee's home movies - of the artist, his flamboyant mother and friends - and framed photographs and treasured bottles of liquor. Melee's work, while seemingly reproducing ...

Union Hill Arts Building: AMERICAN SENTENCES
More inclusive then exclusive, American Sentences joins disciplines, techniques, and visions. Themes are personal and unique. Experimental and aggressive, these artists only connection may be their dedication to creating an art experience. Dis...

Ellen Traut Collection Gallery: The Fiber Revolution: Quilts As Art
Art quilts are highly collectible artwork. Judy Weinstein of the Greater Hartford Arts Council said, "I was just bowled over by the talents of the artists ... absolutely gorgeous!" Allison Hunnicutt, co-manager of the Chen Gallery at Central C...

During the years 1987 1999 many different projects have been realized inside the barn as well as outside in the park. The focus is on sculpture and site specific installations. THE PARK houses several permanent works...

Chung King Project: A Drawing Exhibition: In association with The Drawing Room
What they have in common though is a thread of seriality, of repetition. Sometimes the repetition is one of subject - the same figure or device is reconsidered from a different perspective or at a different time, sometimes the repetition is mor...

Museum of Contemporary Art, LA and the Geffen Contemporary: Public Offerings: Works by 25 Young Artists Shaping International Contemporary Art
The exhibition features significant works from the late 1980s and early 1990s by Janine Antoni, Matthew Barney, Thomas Demand, Rene Green, Michael Joaqun Grey, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Toba Khedoori, Sharon Lockhart, Sarah Lucas, Steve McQueen, ...

Arlington Museum of Art: Two Landscape Exhibitions

Place: Day/Night features the works of two established Fort Worth painters not previously shown at the museum: Blagg and Woodson. For this exhibition of large paintings, curator Bounds has selected a new body of work by Blagg featuring night...
University of South Australia, Art Museum: TEN10 : ANNIVERSARY OBJECTS - Installations and Objects by Architects, Interior Architects and Industrial Designers
It has been suggested that the nurturing of architectural and design creativity is a mission of compelling community urgency, particularly in this climatically harsh Australian state where the necessity for environmentally sensitive development...

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston: The Inward Eye: Transcendence in Contemporary Art
The exhibition features twenty-nine works created between 1970 and 2001 that capture the viewer's attention in a variety of ways. From perceptual work like that of Charles Ray or James Turrell that allows us to see ourselves seeing, to ...

Woman Made Gallery: 8th International Open: Diversity and Spirit - Works by 50 US and International Women
Warren continues, "The number of entries made the competition to be in the exhibition very tight; I unfortunately was faced with very tough decisions and must say that I admired many of the artists' submissions that could not be included, because ...

Vancouver Art Gallery: The Big Picture: Recent Acquisition from the Collection of Alison and Alan Schwartz
At a point in history where lens-based imagery pervades the visual arts, The Big Picture provides a timely overview of contemporary photographic practices. The exhibition includes a total of 75 photo-based works ranging in scale from intimate to ...

Niurka Inurrieta's work had just been exhibited in Portugal, says Catriona Fraser, owner of the Fraser Gallery and co-curator of the exhibition, and when I saw it for the first time I was very impressed by her imagery and technical...

Art Landing Gallery, Studios and The Artists Collaborative: Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Festival Hours:
April 7: Friday 5pm to 11:30pm (Set-up/Artwork Drop-off from 8am until 4pm)
April 8: Saturday from 11am to Midnight
April 9: Sunday from Noon until 10pm (Artwork Pick-up from 6pm until 10pm)

We'll have arm...
Arlington Museum of Art: Within Sight: Work by Contemporary Arlington Artists
Artists in Within Sight are: Julia Franklin - Large and small-scale sculptures that use women's shoes as a departure point for exploring gender roles. Benito Huerta - Large canvases and monoprints whose imagery borrows equally from hig...

Wexner Center for the Arts: Shiny: Workks by 9 Artists
The artists in the show are Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Mai-Thu Perret, Kelley Walker, Rachel Harrison, Josiah McElheny (whose chandelier project representing the Big Bang was on view here in the fall of 2005), Louise Lawler (also featured in a concu...

Further Artwork and Information:

Fan: Jacob And Rachel (1607 - 1678) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Outpost Gallifrey Fan Fiction Gallery
Amazon.com: Video: Jacob (1994)
Genesis 29:15-28, lectionary text--Desperate Preachers Site
Time Crisis Fan-art
1 February 23, 2003 Genesis 29 & 30 (sel.vs.) H
Soap Fan Fiction
Results from Form 1 of Page texts/gen29_15.htm


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