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Artist: Arnulf Rainer (1929 - )
Nationality: Austrian

Artworks in Museum Collections: (26)
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Arnulf Rainer Untitled , from the book >>Reste <</(Zugemalte ‹bermalungen 1954-1978) / (>>Remnants<</(painted-over overpaintings 1954-1978) by Arnulf Rainer(Stuttgart: Edition Hansjˆrg Mayer, 1978) Etching 1978
Body Language, Arnulf Rainer (Austria, born 1929) , 1975-1976, Oil on photograph
Untitled, Arnulf Rainer (Austria, born 1929) , 1975, Gelatin-silver print with hand-applied color and graphite pencil
Louise Rainer, George Hurrell (United States, 1904 - 1992) , circa 1932, Gelatin-silver print
Louise Rainer, Clarence Sinclair Bull (United States, 1895 - 1979) , circa 1936, Gelatin-silver print
Rainer Maria Rilke, Karl Lorenz (Germany, Magdeburg, 1888 - 1961) , 1931, Woodcut handcolored with gold, fuchsia and brown watercolor on japan paper
Rainer Maria Rilke, Karl Lorenz (Germany, Magdeburg, 1888 - 1961) , 1931, Woodcut, hand colored in brown, aqua and purple watercolor on japan paper
Rainer Maria Rilke, Gerhard Richter (Germany, Dresde, born 1932) , 1998, Gelatin-silver print mounted on aluminum, and transverse mounted onto plexiglas, with accompanying name plate
Castro (ex-"Panatenaica") Painter Aryballos terracotta 570 BC - 550 BC
Ist ein Liebes paar, das durch Selbstmord geendet ist. ; Un couple d'amants qui se suicidèrent. (Traduction) (1950 entre ; 1954 et) by HELD Margarethe
Castro (ex-"Panatenaica") Painter Aryballos terracotta circa 550 BC
Booz et Ruth (1866 vers) by DORE Gustave (dit), DORE Louis Gustave Paul (patronyme)
Castro (ex-"Panatenaica") Painter Kantharos terracotta, bucchero ware 6th century BC
Castro (ex-"Panatenaica") Painter Kantharos terracotta, bucchero ware early 6th century BC
Adam et Eve après le péché (1866) by DORE Gustave (dit), DORE Louis Gustave Paul (patronyme)
Jacques Callot Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, July 16; St.Rainelda, Virgin and Martyr, July 16; St. Alexis, July 17; St. Arnulf, Abbot [Bishop] of Metz, July 18; sixtieth plate from the book, Les IMAGES DE TOUS/LES SAINCTS ET SAINTES /DE L*ANN…E... (Imag
Le Calvaire ; La crucifixion (Titre attribué) (1877) by DORE Gustave (dit), DORE Louis Gustave Paul (patronyme)
Balthus Man Eating Cigarettes Woodcut With Handcolor 20th century
Balthus Studies for "Wuthering Heights": Sketch of a Tree / verso:Tree black ink and wash 1932
G¸nter Brus The Diamond Cutter 1982
G¸nter Brus Working proof 1 for Grosse Erdangst I Etching and drypoint 1982
G¸nter Brus Working proof 1 for Grosse Erdangst II Etching and drypoint 1982
G¸nter Brus Grosse Erdangst II Spitbite aquatint, etching and drypoint 1982
G¸nter Brus Working proof 1 for Grosse Erdangst III Etching and drypoint 1982
G¸nter Brus Grosse Erdangst I Spit bite aquatint, etching and drypoint 1982
G¸nter Brus Grosse Erdangst III Spitbite aquatint, hard ground etching and drypoint on Somerset Satin White paper 1982

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (23)
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Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier: A Baroque Party
Modernity and, in particular, contemporary art, takes up on aesthetic concepts from the Baroque period rather than the 19th-century idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk, say exhibition curators Sabine Folie and Michael Glasmeier. For the exhibition, conte...

Museen der Stadt Wien: Dreams 1900-2000: Art, Science and the Unconscious

At the center of this exhibition, For Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1983) is an impressive 90-panel work that includes postcards, collaged photographs, and lithographic printing in addition to the artists signature handwritten calendrical counting....

Galerie Kalina: From Online to On Line: 12 Artists Move Out of the Web and Onto the Line
This idea was brought up by Webist Kalina Svetlinski, gallery owner in the Bavarian town of Regen. Several of the artists use absolutearts.com Portfolios to promote their works. View their works by clicking the names below. Show partici...

Kornhaus: Climate Change - the Impact: WEBISM World Traveling Show
The recent messages concerning the climate change split mankind into three camps - I always knew it - thus nevertheless, as terrible - all fearmongering, I do not want to know anything of Fact is, the climate change carries out themselves already ...

Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin Beijing: Hermann Nitsch and Yang Shaobin at White Space Beijing
After Hermann Nitsch was exhibited in China for the first time, Nitsch's part in the exhibition follows this idea. It shows with painting and 'Schttbildern', video, photography and relics a comprehensive overview of Nitsch's work, at the focal po...

Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier: Tableaux Vivants: Living Pictures and Attitudes in Photography, Film, and Video
This exhibition is an attempt, in several sections, to keep track of the history and the transformations of the medium. It starts out with photographic pieces from the 19th century that still tried to translate ...

Location One: Francois Bucher: White Balance (to think is to forget differences), 2002
Yvonne Rainer asked this question in her film Privilege: ...is permanent recovering racists the most we can ever be In this sense, offering a meta narrative that would pretend to describe the issues at stake, is a failure to understand the layers ...

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona: Joan Jonas - Timelines: transparencies in a dark room
Jonas has developed an emblematic vocabulary in her performances, synthesising ritual gestures and symbolic objects, including masks, costumes and mirrors; playing with archaic methods for creating optical illusions and different narrative effects...

Para/site Art Space: Mini Cinema and Multi-media Installations: Homeland Security. Something Always Follows Something Else
These collaborations were attempts to find out whether and how it is possible to perform within institutional contexts, by subtly introducing parallel narratives within these coded environments. There, Szuper Gallery are trying to extend our und...

Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art: The Happy Face of Globalization
In an homage to the twentieth-century avantgarde tradition, some of the prime examples of which found an outlet in Albisola, the exhibition presents, along with the works of the invited artists, a selection of works in ceramics produced by ...

New Museum: Time of Our Lives
Using a remarkable variety of techniques and strategies, the artists in The Time of Our Lives examine such pertinent topics as the invisibility of the aging body (Jacqueline Hayden, Suzanne Lacy, ...

Arti et Amicitiea: Migrating Identity: Transmission/Reconstruction
Transmission/Reconstruction we project the other in order to construct our identities Topics (b)reached include: issues of marginality and community, assimilation of a new identity crucial in any consideration of civil rights history, ...

Generali Foundation: Gustav Metzger: History History
In 1959, Gustav Metzger used political and ecological issues, such as the nuclear arms race and the increasing environmental destruction, as points of departure for the development of his co ncept of Auto-Destructive Art . In his first manifesto...

van Gogh Museum: Go(gh) Modern
The presentation is subdivided into four sections, each featuring a different aspect of Van Gogh's affect on contemporary art, and includes paintings, sculptures and videos by various artists and movements - from Appel and Kiefer to Nauman and War...

Museum of Modern Art: Rober Storr Promoted to Senior Curator at the MOMA
The title of Senior Curator indicates exceptional merit, and is among the highest distinctions this Museum can offer, remarked Mr. Lowry. This promotion recognizes Robert Storrs tremendous contributions, both as an exhibition organizer, a...

Ketterer Kunst: Perspective 45/01 - Contemporary Classics to be held in Berlin
The future is the present this was the motto that Ketterer Kunst adopted when it started its involvement in Berlin back in 1997. Which other city in Germany - or even in Europe - would be more suitable for the auctioning of contemporary artNULL ...

Ketterer Kunst: Self-portrait by Albert Birkle is Highlight of Auction Moderne and Gegenwart
Classic modern art is headed by Emil Noldes Schiff im Dock (Ship in a Dockyard). The engraving and shaded etching of 1910 is accompanied by an authenticated photograph signed by Prof. Dr. Martin Urban. It is estimated at DM 20,000 24,000. ...

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art: Robert Rauschenberg: Current Scenarios
Rauschenberg made his Wadsworth Atheneum debut in 1964, in several guises. His legendary Erased de Kooning Drawing (1953) had its first public showing with other early work in the group exhibition Black, White and Grey: Contemporary Painting and ...

Fogg Art Museum, Harvard: Extreme Connoisseurship - How Traditional Study of Objects Can Be Adapted to Illuminate Current Works
The Foggs decision four years ago to create a Department of Modern and Contemporary Art was, in a way, the genesis of this exhibition, said James Cuno, Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot director of the Harvard University Art Museums. Extreme Connois...

Vancouver Art Gallery: WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution
We are extremely proud to be the only Canadian institution to present this powerful exhibition that provides a global perspective on a vital and groundbreaking time in art history, said Vancouver Art Gallery director Kathleen Bartels. The women...

Haus der Kunst: GROTESQUE! 130 Years of Witty Art
GROTESQUE! 130 Years of Witty Art presents works possessing those characteristics attributed to the concept of the grotesque in Meyers Konversationslexikon (an influential encyclopaedia) in 1895: "The result of a humour which - apparently without ...

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Arts: Stimuli
Stimuli explores in a number of modern classics and contemporary works the physical experience of visual arts on the basis of this hallucinatory experience. With ...

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Arnulf Rainer
Arnulf Rainer
Arnulf Rainer
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