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Artist: Omar Ramsden ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (18)
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Dia de los Muertos, Omar Ramirez  (Artist), 2001, Screenprint
Dia de los Muertos, Omar Ramirez  (Artist), 2001, Screenprint
Omar Rayo Composition No. 2 Intaglio etching 1961
Western Nomad, Margit Omar (born 1941) , 1980, Acrylic on canvas
Omar Rayo Face Lunar Intaglio etching 20th century
California Suite: Adelanto, Margit Omar (born 1941) , 1978, Acrylic on canvas
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Omar Goldbeck Title: The Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Cairo, Egypt Date: 20th century Medium:
Omar Rayo Poster for "The New York Public Library at Lincoln Ceneter, Library and Museum of Performing Arts 1965". Embossed paper circa 1965
The Council of War held on the morning of the taking of the Mamelon : Lord Raglan, Omar Pacha, General Pelissier. 19 novembre 1855 (1855 ; ?) by FENTON Roger
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Omar Khayyam Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Omar, 95-5 (San Clemente, CA, 8/20/00), Douglas McCulloh (United States, born 1955) , 2000, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print
Louis Haghe Mosque of Omar Shewing the Site of the Temple- The Holy Land Lithograph 19th century
David Roberts Mosque of Omar On the Ancient Site of the Temple, plate 8 in the book The Holy Land, with historical notes by George Croly (London: Day & Son, 1855), vol. 1 (of 6) , Jerusalem and Galilee, [bound with The Holy Land, with historical no
Omar, cheval du roi (1846 vers ; 1847 vers) by PAPETY Dominique
JEUNE FEMME ET PETIT GARCON TENANT UN CHAT (4e quart 18e siècle) by HOPPNER John (attribué)
Les généraux en chef des armées alliées en Orient (1855) by BUQUET Alfred (graveur) ; LAMY GODARD (imprimeur)
Museum of Fine Arts -
Shawabty of Neferhotep Egyptian New Kingdom Dynasty 18, 1539-1292 B.C. Stone; Limestone Height: 21 cm

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (1)
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Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga: Art and Language
The name Art & Language was first used in 1968 to describe the collaborative work of a group of artists: Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin and Harold Hurrell. In May 1969 they started publishing a magazine titled Art-Language and s...

Further Artwork and Information:

Omar Ramsden (1713 - 1784) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Sold Omar Ramsden - Daniel Bexfield Antiques
Omar Ramsden Silver Beaker
Omar Ramsden Silver Tazza, London , c.1927
Omar Ramsden - Daniel Bexfield Antiques
Ralph Holt - Omar Ramsden - 20th Century Silver - Antique English Silverware
Ralph Holt Antique Silverware - Omar Ramsden, Alwyn Carr
VAN DEN BOSCH Silver Page 2
English Silver: Masterpieces by Omar Ramsden by Ramsden, Omarby Omar Ramsden
Carr and Ramsden English Silver Mustard Pot


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