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Artist: Joseph Urban ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Joseph Urban.

Stephane Couturier - Rue de Chateaudun- Rue de la Victoire- Paris from Urban Archaeology Series 1997 Cibachrome print Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami French
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Richard Estes Urban Landscape: No. 6 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Urban Landscape: No. 5 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Urban Landscape: No. 1 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Urban Landscape: No. 2 Color screenprint 1972
Genroku-Era Urban Sophisticate, Ouchi Gyokuso (Japan, 1879 - 1944) , first half 20th century, Wood
Richard Estes 560, from the series Urban Landscapes 1 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Grant's, from the series Urban Landscapes 1 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Seagram Building, from the series Urban Lanscapes 1 Color screenprint 1972
Richard Estes Danbury Tile, from the series Urban Landscapes 1 Color screenprint 1972
Tripartite: Brick Wall, Urban View, Woman, R. B. Kitaj (United States, Ohio, Chagrin Falls, 1932-10-29 - 2007-10-21) , 1972, Silkscreen
Tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'à la fin elle se brise (titre inscrit) (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MAUS-DELHALLE-URBAN (éditeur)
Warm: An Urban Widow of the Kansei Period (1789-1800), Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Japan, 1839 - 1892) , 7/1888, Color woodblock print
Hagenbund Autumn Exhibtion and retrospective exhibition of Max Liebermann November-January, Josef Urban (1872 - 1933)  (Artist), 1904, Color lithograph on wove paper
David Young Cameron Upland (Urban) Greenery Etching 1896
Giovanni Domenico Rossi The Tomb of Urban VIII, after Gianlorenzo Bernini Engraving 17th century
Urban Light, Chris Burden (United States, Massachusetts, Boston, born 1931) , 2000-2007, (Two-hundred and two) restored cast iron antique street lamps
John Cage Where There is Where There Urban Landscape Flat bite etching (1987) with aquatint (1989). 1987 - 1989
Giacomo Lauro The Deeds of Pope Urban VIII Engraving 1624
J. Paul Getty Museum -
House on the Place du Caire
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: artist unknown Title: Belt Date: 20th century Medium: silk Dimensions: L.106-3/4 x W.19 in.
Joseph Margulies Portrait of Joseph Pennell Lithograph 1925
Les adieux de Joseph (18e siècle) by anonyme
Paul Joseph Rauschmayr Maximilian Joseph, King of Bavaria 18th - 19th century
Edward Hopper Les Poilus (or, Somewhere in France) Etching 1917 - 1918
Emil Pirchan The Legend of St. Joseph/Joseph has been brought in and dances. Lithograph 1922
Edward Hopper The Bullfight Etching 1917
Saint Joseph assis tenant l'Enfant dans ses bras ; reprise de la tête Joseph (17e siècle) by anonyme
Edward Hopper The Monhegan Boat Etching 1919
Emil Pirchan The Legend of St. Joseph/Joseph in chains, waits for his execution Lithograph 1922
Edward Hopper Night Shadows etching 1921
Edward Hopper Walter Tittle Drawing Drypoint 1918
Edward Hopper Portrait of William Graff Drypoint 1917
Edward Hopper East Side Interior Etching 1922
JOSEPH ET LA FEMME DE PUTIPHAR ; OU LA CHASTETE DE JOSEPH (4e quart 16e siècle ; 1er quart 17e siècle) by SPADA Lionello
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Story of Joseph, cassone panel Biagio di Antonio (Italian, Florentine, active 1446-1516)Tempera on wood;
Louis-Joseph-Boniface Defré, Félicien Victor Joseph Rops (Belgium, Namur, 1833 - 1898) , 1858, Lithograph
Edward Hopper Woman with Umbrella Graphite on wove paper circa 1904
Francesco Solimena - The Death of St. Joseph c. 1699-1700 oil on canvas Utah Museum of Fine Arts Italian
Oswald Birley - The Rt Hon Joseph Chamberlain PC, MP 1937 oil on canvas Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery British
Jacob Eichholtz - Joseph Leman c. 1808 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
Augustus John - Joseph E. Widener 1921 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
Thomas Sully - Dr. Joseph Klapp 1814 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago American
Thomas Sully - Joseph Dugan 1810 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Ammi Phillips - Joseph Slade 1816 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - Joseph Coolidge 1820 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
Dieu révèle à Saint Joseph la naissance de Jésus-Christ (2e moitié 17e siècle) by PARROCEL Joseph
Joseph Kriehuber Portrait of Joseph Matthias Graf Thun (1794-1868) Lithograph 1842
Portrait de M. Lemaire (19e siècle) by HEIM François Joseph
Songe de Joseph (17e siècle) by anonyme
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Standard with two long-horned bulls, 2400-2000 B.C.; Early Bronze Age III northern central AnatoliaArsenical copper;
JOSEPH SIFFRED DUPLESSIS (1725-1802) (1801 vers) by DUPLESSIS Joseph Siffred
Portrait de Mr Robert Fleury (19e siècle) by HEIM François Joseph
HISTOIRE DE JOSEPH 115 (titre inscrit) (1838 dépôt légal) by anonyme ; PELLERIN (imprimeur)
HISTOIRE DE JOSEPH 115 (titre inscrit) (1838 dépôt légal) by anonyme ; PELLERIN (imprimeur)
Joseph Hirsch Man and Beast Lithograph 20th century
Mort de saint Joseph (17e siècle) by anonyme
HISTOIRE DE JOSEPH 115 (titre inscrit) (1838 dépôt légal) by anonyme ; PELLERIN (imprimeur)

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Urban

Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki: Transience: Sound Installation
Designed and curated by John Wynne and Michael Madsen with support from NIFCA, Transience is an installation which is large in scale but at the same time ethereal; the work will embody the paradox of the urban environment, which ge...

Abel Raum fuer Neue Kunst: Urban Decline
The pictures in the new series portray scenarios of collapsing, exploding or delapidated architecture symbols of the power of capital, knowledge and states. Through their destructiveness the paintings create a uniformed, synthetic and universal re...

New Gallery: Sara Graham: Bromleys Bluff
"The city is an ever present component within my artistic practice. The city is a collective of things, ideas, spaces and times in perpetual transformation. These things are always moving, and fluid. The body of work that I have been developing o...

Art Gallery of Ontario: present tense 24: David Urban
In Conventions of Abstract Thought, Urban introduces a repertoire of archetypal forms - flowers, mountains, skulls - that evoke the genres of still life and landscape. He explores how we instinctively connect familiar objects to other similar shap...

Michael Gibson Gallery: David Urban: The Constructor
Born in Toronto in 1966, David Urban studied poetry and painting at York University, earning a BFA in 1989. He received a master's degree in English Literature and creative writing under the direction of Alistair MacLeod in 1991 and a second mast...

Indianapolis Art Center: WILLIS BING DAVIS: Ceremony and Ritual
Also on view will be the results of a year-long project joining artists from Dayton/Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Nearly twenty artists have visited each other's studios, taken trips and pursued hands-on workshops together. The exhibiti...

Interurban Gallery: Call for Artists: Digitalis 3 - Urban Poetry
The exhibition will run from February 27 - April 3, 2004. The theme of the exhibition is urban poetry. Please submit a maximum of 5 low resolution JPEG or GIF files as well as a short bio, artist statement and proposal by email only to electric@...

Carnegie Museum of Art: Charles Meryon and Jean-Franois Millet: Etchings of Urban and rural 19th-Century France
This exhibition was organized by the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Athens. Its presentation in Pittsburgh is made possible by the Fellows Fund of Carnegie Museum of Art. Support for t...

Marcello's Art Factory: Call for Artists: Urban Ready Mades
The Urban Ready Mades or URM project's approach core is similar but leaning more towards the urban scene (street, object, view, event). A URM is something in an urban environment that isn't originally meant to be art but could be. The project is l...

MONU: Call for Submissions: EXOTIC URBANISM
The fascination with the exotic and its appearance in our cities has a long history, although at first merely going in one direction: from the West to the East. Interest in the exotic by the Western World was first stimulated by trade with t...

Bartley Nees Gallery: Urban Legends: Mary-Louise Browne, Eddie Clemens, Joanna Langford, Terry Urbahn, Wayne Youle, Ri Williamson
The Urban Legends exhibition has been curated by our former employee, Sarah Farrar. Sarah has put together an exhibition offering six exciting and refreshing takes on the theme of urban legends - strange stories which circulate, based on either...

Graz Biennial - [art.image]: Call to Artists: 5th Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture to Focus on Contemporary Urban Culture
The competition is open to moving and digital images of all formats. It includes the following 3 categories: 1. Creative perspectives: challenging artistic views on cultural, social, political and aesthetic implications of materi...

BAT Centre: From The Pages Of Our Minds: Sthembiso Shongwe and Sthembiso Sibis
Shongwes talent was spotted early on by his mother who encouraged and nurtured it by supplying him with materials for his art and later enrolled him for Saturday Art Classes at the Durban Art Workshop. Shongwe then got himself a sponsorship to do...

Institute of International Visual Arts: Cedric Price
The show at inIVA, selected by Hans Ulrich Obrist, will include a retrospective presentation of Price's Magnet City project, which comprises a series of short-life structures. Developed ...

Canadian Centre for Architecture: Sense of the City
The most banal and ubiquitous phenomenaasphalt, the second crust of the earth, cacophonies of everyday sounds and smells, competing light effects, manipulations of temperature and climate, the junk and graffiti that disfigure buildings and street...

Palette Gallery: Bryce Brown; Urban Essence - Paintings of Life in the City
Brown has adapted his colour palette for this show to reflect upon the natural elements of our cities and abundance of parks and reserves that we have within them - noticing that, New Zealanders love to be a part of the great oudoors as much ...

South London Gallery: Urban Nomads
We are always and never at home. Being in transit is a part of our everyday lives. We are forever moving from one point to another, helped on our way by cars, buses, tubes or planes. We cross b...

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: Call for Partipants: SERVE CITY SYMPOSIUM, living and working in the interactive city
How is urban space transformed, when the work place becomes ubiquitous, when services like finances and retail business turn into e-commerce, when private households are digitalised, when the private house becomes the place for working and ever...

Columbia Museum of Art: Edward Hopper and Urban Realism
Drawn entirely from the Whitney Museum of American Arts preeminent collection, this exhibition presents the work of Hopper alongside paintings by his peers those artists who documented and explored the many faces of life in the changing urban e...

Taste of Art Gallery at The Kaufmann Arcade: Urban Decay: Artistis Response to an Urban Environment
Theresa Bloises paintings depict building facades of high-rise structures that are so plentiful in crowded cities. Bloise transforms them into beehives of intricacy and everyday beauty. A.J. Bocchinos digital photographs focus on the repeti...

First Street Gallery: Urban Reemains - David Hewitt
Centuries old streets interconnect to reveal an intelligent design that the artist cleverly juxtaposes with square marble ghosts of weathered foundations. The meditative spirit of the ruins retains their dignity, reawakening an appreciation of our...

Tate Liverpool: Rut Blees Luxemburg: Phantom
The photographs for Phantom have been taken in Dakar, capital of Senegal and maritime centre of West Africa. The links between Liverpool and Dakar are historically one of colonialism and the slave trade, but Dakar is now considered a fashion an...

Tate Britain: Dryden Goodwin: Closer
The use of a zoom lens further confounds the distance between the camera and its subject. This visual ambiguity, combined with a multi-layered soundtrack, manipulates the relationship between the viewer and the viewed, creating an atmosphere which...

Reflect-arts, Inc. at Gallery 27+: Call for Artists: Strange Cities - The Unique and the Unusual in the Urban Landscape
The opening event for Strange Cities will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2006 starting at 6 pm and will include live performance, open bar and hors d'oeuvres. Artists chosen to participate will receive invitations to distribute. Reflec...

Brooklyn Museum of Art: Urban Glass: Working in Brooklyn
One of the few urban centers for the creation of art made from glass, UrbanGlass has gained an international reputation among glass artists. The BMA's rich collections have inspired local artists for most of t...

ArtSpace: The Neddy Project: Ty Moore
The other Ned Kelly the famous masked outlaw from Victoria. Moore presents an epic ten-channel video cycle depicting abstracted moments of each Neddy's life. There are drawn out hand shakes at the tops of car parks, extended gun battles on cliff...

Center for Contemporary Art: Transit Spaces: Bauhaus Kolleg Presents Investigations and Scenarios
The corridor between Berlin and Moscow is one example of the new spatial order within Eastern Europe, and the flow of capital and goods, migration streams, EU expansion, communication networks and infrastructure development hold it together. A n...

Lazy J: Music video by Munro Galloway
A remix of a popular song, digitally filtered beyond immediate recognition, provides the backdrop to this video meditation on the nocturnal landscape. As the city sleeps, it dreams its...

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: Bauhaus Kolleg III Serve City: Urban Service Scapes - Personalized Service Zone
Since 1999, the Bauhaus Dessau offers a one year program focusing on key issues of urbanism: the Bauhaus Kolleg. Transfer of knowledge as well as research based on recent theoretical approaches, design concepts and conceptual design are core po...

Transition: E9: An Anatomy of an Area
These eclectic urban musings and jumbled city thoughts are neither sensational, nor shocking but by their very ordinariness they connect to something beautifully strange and profound. With this trawling through both the badlands and the genteel ge...

Graz Biennial - [art.image]: 5th Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture Opens
The inception of the Biennial-Layers is our response to current challenges posed to a festival by the changed forms of production and presentation of contemporary art and culture production says Charlotte Pchhacker, director of graz biennial on m...

The Office: Ulteriora: Abandonment Photography and Exploration in Southern California
The majority are not professional photographers, yet they are resourceful and cunning in their craft. They habitually put themselves in the awkward situation of potential and sometimes inevitable confrontation with property owners and/or the autho...

Unseen City - Cape Town / Amsterdam: Call for Artists: Youth Artists Sought for Online Project
Unseen City is a unique project aimed at restoring the torn halves of two cities that have been both pulled apart, and conjoined by a shared history. Situated in the digital domain (intranet, web streaming, electronic and orthodox publication), Un...

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: Call for Artists: 2nd trimester of the IV. Bauhaus Kolleg Dot.City
The goal is to deconstruct the differentiation between public and private/physical and virtual respectively. They believe that there are overlapping calls for a new definition of urbanism as well as for new strategies to program urban processes. ...

Centre International d'Art Contemporain de Montreal: 2004 Montreal Biennale: Agora - The publis Domain
"A city isn't just a place to live, to shop, to go out and have kids play. It's a place that implicates how one derives one's ethics, how one develops a sense of justice, how one learns to talk with and learn from people who are unlike oneself, wh...

Cohen Amador Gallery: Landscape: Japanese Photographer Taiji Matsue
Matsue has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Japan, Europe and the United States, including the Arles Rencontres in 2004. He has published numerous books of his work including 'Hysteric Glamour" in 2001, and was the recipient of...

Bartley Nees Gallery: Niki Hastings-McFall: Polynisation
Artist Niki Hastings-McFall has been increasingly driven by research into her Pacific Island heritage since meeting with her Samoan father for the first time in 1992. Trained as a jeweller, Hastings-McFall has been working recently on larger insta...

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts: Call for Artists: ArtPrize - international exhibition and world's largest art prize
ArtPrize has been created to reboot the conversation between artists and audiences on a grand scale. There is no single curator. You will submit your proposal and then negotiate for a space in one of many ArtPrize venues across the city of Grand R...

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts: Allison Warren: Scribbles
The artist states that the accumulation of these markings provides direct evidence of our unwavering urge for physical contact with the material world. The drawings provide the site upon which to consider the volatile role of the hand mark in co...

artoose: Spring Open Weekend: Work by 14, Young, Contemporary Artists
We are also showing a collection of 80 cards made by contemporary surrealist Dan Bendel, recent 'chaos' paintings by Rufus Knightwebb, 'encapsulated' resin sculptures by Mark Russell, radical painting by post-pop artist Gary Colclough, dystopian c...

Further Artwork and Information:

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